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I’m Jordan; Freelance Writer and Destiny Catalyzer

Hey there! My name is Jordan, and I once tanked a trumpet solo at my 8th grade graduation. That embarrassing bit aside, I believe influential books change lives. So, I’ve been writing for the last 7+ years to help fill the world with meaningful words. Sometimes that means breathing life into great book ideas, or guiding my readers toward self-discovery. My books help people to Catalyze their Destiny by discovering purpose, learning about themselves, and taking positive action. 

My Approach

I Create for Others

Other people have great ideas. Most of the time, these ideas are better than my own! I help business professionals and creatives put these ideas out into the world with the written word. 


Every week I put thousands of words down on the page to hone my craft and ultimately, to help others. I’m extremely familiar with business topics, and I’ve written on health, wellness, and spirituality as well.

I Live My Purpose

Creating meaningful content is my life purpose. I love to write words that get the reader to THINK deeply, FEEL inspired, and then DO something about it.

Why Hire This Writer?

Save Time

You could write your book yourself, but why not let an expert write it for you?

Get it Right

Working with a good writer/editor ensures a final product that stands out. A small touch of razzle dazzle will make it shine.

Partner with the Best

There are very few writers out there who’ve written their own books AND penned books for others. Jordan’s name is on that short list.

Tell Your Story

No matter what your story is, the world’s library deserves a copy. Let Jordan help you help the world.

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