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  • Ghostwriting: Help writing a full-length business book to accelerate your business and/or brand.
  • Editing: Big-picture editing to give your book clarity (included in ghostwriting package).

I write engaging content on personal development, self-discovery, business, spirituality, self-publishing, digital marketing, health and wellness, and any topic you’re an expert in.

I write and edit with a book-marketing lens (9+ years of experience here), and I’m always looking for the best way to present your ideas to your audience. Your manuscript will be better after I get my hands on it.

I love what I do, working with me is fun, and I always go above and beyond expectations.

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A Collaborative Ghostwriting Process...

From Idea to Completed Manuscript ➡️

1) Outline: We will take your current content/outline/idea and create a completed book outline from it. This includes brainstorming the book’s purpose, target market, keywords, content, flow, sections, etc. This is not only important marketing wise, but helps to inform what we want the reader to feel/think/experience/get out of the book. (You can see my full process for completing a book outline here.)

2) Discussion/Interviews: We will speak weekly via recorded Zoom interviews, WhatsApp voice notes, or written feedback as needed to flesh out and expand upon our ideas for the book. We will focus on your idea for the book; each week we will mine for gold, together. I will always be available via email to answer questions or to discuss ideas as needed. I will be your brainstorming partner to ensure your best content is highlighted.

3) Writing: Once we are happy with the outline (roughly 5000 words completed in 2-4 weeks), I will start the first draft. I do the heavy lifting of the writing and you are invited to provide thoughts/comments/ideas as you see fit. We will continue to speak weekly to refine topics and discuss items as needed. Sometimes this looks like a 1.5 hour session to discuss content in depth, and other times we will check in briefly to discuss progress. This part of the process usually takes 3-5 months but it can vary based on book length and other variables.

4) Editing: Working with me ensures a final product that hits a high quality writing standard. Once the first draft is completed, I will do several rounds of editing. I include at least 2 full read-through edits and 1 proof (while still recommending a professional proofreader for the final read-through, but that choice is yours).

5) Cost: Please, reach out to me for a customized proposal based on your idea, scope, and timeframe. I don’t post my rates for two reasons: 1) My rates are subject to change, and 2) I prefer to customize to make sure we both feel happy about working on the project.

6) Attribution: The work will be yours to use as you see fit, with no attribution or credit needed. Since I work from Google Docs, you will have access to the book file and outline at all times. I assume my clients will pay the agreed upon amount at the due date, and thus, I’ve never had to “lock” files until payment. Money is important, but it’s really just the vehicle that allows us to work together.

I can’t wait to speak to you to answer questions on my process and allay any doubts and fears. The above is a bird’s eye view of the major process that is writing a book, and I would be surprised if you didn’t have questions.

My goal is to create a great book that you feel good about AND helps grow your business.

Let’s make your book idea a reality!

Help! I Need an Editor...

From Mess to Masterpiece ➡️

I will edit your book with you over two rounds:

High-level edit round 1: I will look over the entire manuscript and add comments with a big-picture marketing lens: Why am I, as the reader, still reading? Am I getting what the author promised me? What is motivating me to keep reading?) I will also review manuscript flow, efficacy of content engagement, and clarity of subject matter. This is a developmental, top-level edit. 

After/during round 1, you will be able to go through the book at your pace and respond to questions. I prefer authors to work right alongside me because this speeds up the process and keeps you active in the book. Some authors prefer to shut down their brains and step away from the book for awhile, and this is completely fine as well. We will discuss what works best for you.

At the end of round 1, I typically suggest getting on a call to discuss progress. This is the time to make final decisions on the overall structure and content.

Copy/Line round 2: I go through the book and answer/respond to questions you may have left. I will look for grammatical improvements, sentence structure issues, and places we can adjust to provide further clarity. The goal of this edit is to fine-tune your voice and the delivery of the content to provide a seamless reading experience. 

*I always recommend an additional  3rd party proofreader for your book at the end of the process before publication.

If you want your book to shine, connect with me and I’ll send you a customized proposal.

What Authors Are Saying…

I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Jordan if you want to write a book. He is definitely a great person to work with and very professional. He is always on hand. He’s always accessible. If it’s through WhatsApp, zoom, phone call, he’s accessible anytime you need him. So it was a very, very enjoyable experience and I hope to you get to enjoy this experience and see what it’s like working with him. Yeah, I wasn’t paid to say this. He’s helped me through this process. So please take that step and work with him.

Real Talk: A New Approach for Men’s Mental Fitness and Wellbeing

Chinazom "Sunny" Nwabueze

Founder, Dreamcatchers Performance

“I’m Ben Arendt; aspiring author, consultant, facilitator, trainer, and professor. I worked with Jordan on my first nonfiction book, and loved the experience. He a really effective partner; not only at keeping us on task and creating a really effective project plan, but to help move toward publishing.

In my case, he partnered primarily in an editing context. So I had written a draft and worked with Jordan to edit it and also hone in on the way it was targeting the specific audiences I was trying to capture. And in addition to being a Great editing partner and a great project manager, I also appreciated Jordan’s knowledge of publishing and marketing to those different target audiences.

I have no doubt in my mind that our partnership is going to set me up for much more success. I feel like the product I came up with is much more focused in addition to generally being more grammatically sound and effective at communicating key points and ideas. I would absolutely work with Jordan again and would recommend him to anyone who asks.”

Benjamin Arendt

Consultant | Writer | Instructor | Occasional Comedian

“I’ve been working with Jordan for over a year now he’s been helping us put together this amazing first book… I felt in really good hands. He’s knowledgeable about the process, super responsive, and has great attention to detail. He always goes out of his way to make sure there’s quality work being done. So, I can’t recommend highly enough working with Jordan if you get the chance.”


Founder, The Padel School

“I came to Jordan with a rough draft of my manuscript. …It was confusing, disorganized and the clarity was out of sorts. I felt horrible about what I had created. I found myself lost with what the book actually was. I had to find a way forward. That’s when I found Jordan.

“I remember one of my messages to Jordan, ‘Can you help me figure out what this book is? I’ve lost my way.’

“Jordan instantly set my mind at ease after our first call. His confidence in his craft will reassure you that no matter what is happening now, we will get to the other side.

“Jordan clarified my book and the messages I was trying to convey. He added, removed, and, polished the manuscript to perfection.

“My book evoked emotion before. However, after Jordan sprinkled it with his expertise, it became something powerful. For that, I’m forever grateful for the mastery of this man. I can’t thank him enough.”

Jono G.


“It’s less and less common to work with people who exceed your expectations, who do much more than the things that are required, and it speaks volumes to the pride they take in their work. Jordan is one of these rare breeds. He puts in extra of his own time to make his and your work great. I couldn’t recommend working with him enough. Bring your “A” game in working with him, because he is bringing his.”

The Business Beast: Unleash Four Primal Instincts to Silence Your Inner Bitch, Lead Your Tribe, and Hunt Down Success


Brian Dyer

Business Consultant