In this video I share the 6 parts of a great 90 day action plan. Get your free guide to create your own plan and download your free templates here.

In the free guide I share five templates you can use to get started today:

1) Trello Board: Sign into your free account and select “copy board” from the menu.
2) 90 Day Plan PDF
3) Action Plan Template Excel file
4) Updated 90 Day Plan Word Doc
5) Google Document link

6 Parts of a 90 Day Action Plan

☑️ 1) One Major Goal/Focus: Have a singular focus for your next 90 days. Make SMART goals and reach for your dreams. 
☑️ 2) Purpose Statement:
Give yourself a reason to keep moving forward each day. 
3) Measurable Tasks: Make a list of measurable tasks to complete over the next 90 days. 
☑️ 4) Positive Habits to Keep Doing:
This part of the plan is all about sustaining momentum with positive habits. Do the things you know you should be doing, regardless of what you are working towards. 
☑️ 5) Resources Needed:
Usually a list of books, but can be a list of any resources to help you reach your primary goal. 
☑️ 6) Weekly Review and Action Plan for the Coming Week:
After each week of your plan reflect on your progress so far and adjust as needed. 

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