In this video I’ll show the big Five Personality traits explained. After you watch, join the School of You here: https://the-school-of-you1.teachable….

I’ll explain the Big Five in three steps:

1) A PowerPoint slide guide
2) Where to take the test yourself
3) My results

Time to complete: 10-15 minutes

What I liked:

✔️ Test was easy to answer and didn’t take a ton of time.
✔️ Results were easily downloadable, and the free results didn’t feel like just a taste. Good info was given.
✔️ I like the sliding scale of results.

What I didn’t like:

✔️ I don’t like the Big Five test overall. You might disagree, but I don’t find it in depth enough.
✔️ The results don’t feel individualized enough. I get that it’s a sliding scale and that’s nice, but what does it mean for me?

Insights gained:

? I always first ask, do the results tie in with what I already know about myself? Yes they do. Actually, this test feels very accurate, so it could be a reason why I don’t like it!
? Other tests don’t have the neuroticism aspect. I think this is good because it shows where your head is at in terms of mood.

Link to test:…

✔️ Remember: “OCEAN”
✔️ Results are on a scale

O: Openness


✔️ Focus well on new challenges
✔️ Creative and expressive
✔️ Curious and open to new experiences


✔️ Don’t like change
✔️ Not as intuitive
✔️ Don’t like abstract thoughts/ideas

C: Conscientiousness


✔️ Detailed oriented
✔️ Works well with a schedule
✔️ Organized and determined


✔️ Seek instant gratification
✔️ Dislike structure
✔️ Don’t plan ahead

E: Extraversion


✔️ Outgoing
✔️ Gain energy from others
✔️ The life of the party


✔️Prefer alone time
✔️Gain energy from being alone

A: Agreeableness


✔️ Cooperative
✔️ Empathy and concern
✔️ Happy to help others


✔️ Competitive
✔️ Focused on selves
✔️ Can be manipulative

N: Neuroticism


✔️ Tend to experience mood swings
✔️ Highly affected by stress
✔️High highs and low lows.


✔️ Stable emotions
✔️ Deals with stress
✔️ Doesn’t worry much

? Slides here for you to download:

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