At first glance, 50 coffees is a book about networking plain and simple. In actuality this book is about so much more than that. After reading the first chapter I was hooked and couldn’t wait to read it from cover to cover.

The author has captured the essence of exactly what it means to build community through intentional effort. She set a goal of having 50 coffees with 50 different folks and this book shares her journey through that.

In doing so, she was able to revive a stagnant business, meet 50 brand new individuals, and foster connections through them and for them. Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

Not all of the coffees were mind blowing experiences. (Coffee #18 even got special mention as one to just move on from). But the essence of the book is that building connections doesn’t have to be something that scares us. We also don’t have to attend large networking conferences that awkwardly have us sharing our “elevator pitch” whenever possible.

In summary, I loved the approach that Moates takes with this book. It tells the tale of a woman who formally preferred cuddling up with a nice blanket with good book to enjoy with her coffee, to one that now sees the potential in forming relationships of all kinds.

It’s not often books make me reconsider my own plans and desires, but this one seriously struck a cord.

This book spoke to me, and has asked that I go on my own 50 coffee’s like journey. I suggest that you let the book speak to you as well. And for the price of a cup of coffee it can be yours.

You can get the book on Amazon right here.