6 Steps to Mindfulness: How to Use an Ancient Practice to Reduce Stress, Calm Anxiety, and Live in the Present Moment (Discover Mindfulness Book 1)

I had the pleasure of reading this book by Dan Leigh because he is an author friend of mine. I’ve also read his other book “Tame Anxiety” and enjoyed it, so I decided to read this one as well.

I did not expect to be this blown away by such a fantastic book. Bias aside, Dan wrote a fantastic book here. His steps to mindfulness are easy to follow, interesting to read, and thought provoking.

I certainly didn’t agree with everything he said in the book (I don’t personally believe that our organs have spirits), but I certainly can see the benefit of empowering our mind to heal the body. The mind body connection is such an interesting concept, and Dan explores it in depth.

I loved the guided mediation sections, as well as the chapter on healing sounds. I found these particularly useful and practical. I plan on adding these into my own mediation routine and I am excited to try all that he shared within these pages.

Dan’s writing style is inviting and warm, but he doesn’t give us any fluff. It’s obvious that Dan walks the talk when it comes to meditation, as he writing flows throughout. His insights are pulled from real life experience and practice, and it’s his heart to share that practice with others.

This book is so full of ripe content it’s a no brainer to pick up. Anyone that suffers from Anxiety (like myself) OCD, or any other mental illness will certainly benefit from the information contained within.

I can’t wait for his next book.

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