I honestly don’t remember how I came upon this gem, but I am glad that I did. What a treat.

There is nothing earth shattering in this short read, but with its well written subject matter, easy reading flow, and engaging personal stories, Dawna has written a fantastic guide here. I read it in one afternoon, and immediately felt better off after reading. many of the tactics and suggestions I already do, but it was a great reminder to keep on going.

In “You Can Have a Better Life: 21 Secrets to Getting the Life You Desire—Full of Significance, Joy and Purpose” we are introduced to many different tips that the author recommends working into our daily lives.

These tips range from living a healthy life through diet and exercise, meditation, and practicing forgiveness. Again, nothing written in this book will be new to anyone in the personal development field, but this is perfectly okay. Where this book shines is Dawna’s ability to relate these tactics to a personal story and draw you in.

Truthfully, these types of books often bore me because I know what is coming. However, in You Can Have a Better Life, I immediately felt more positive and more convicted in my own personal habits, and I very much enjoyed reading.

For anyone that is looking for a new pick me up sort of book, look no further. Dawna will enrapture you from the very first page, and you will find your way to the end swiftly, even looking her up on Amazon to see what other books she has written.

I would probably go with 4.5 stars is Amazon allowed due to the lack of anything ground breaking, but I will round up because of the unique and challenging way it was presented.

You can grab the book on Amazon below for $2.99 as of this writing.