Title: Conscious Money: How to Master the Art of Sales by Mastering Oneself

Genre: Non-Fiction Self-Help/Business Development/Marketing

Version: Kindle Book

Amazon Rating: 4.8 (27 reviews as of this posting)

Conscious Money by Bauer Doski is the exact type of book I enjoy reading. She shares a lot about herself throughout, but provides great tips for increasing sales skills through self development. The book is fun to read, and easy to follow along. 

Let’s dive into the good the bad and the great!

The Good

I love it when the author shares more about themselves. Bauer does a great job of this throughout the book. She shares her life and sales background and how that convinced her of the power of starting with self before even thinking about trying to get better at selling. She follows the same path with the book and it all flows together nicely. 

She believes (and so do I!) that self development is the key to getting better at whatever it is you do, and the book does a great job of getting this point across in meaningful and practical ways. 

The Bad

Bauer attempts to be witty and funny throughout. Most of this I enjoyed, but there were times when it felt jarring and out of place. I am all for humor and personal stories to break up monotonous text, but not so much as to distract from the main point or bring the reader too far out from what the author is really meaning to say. 

That said, it wasn’t all that distracting and doesn’t take away too much for me, but is worth noting here nonetheless. 

The Great

Bauer does well what most self-help books fail to do, and that is point to something beyond the self-development! What is the true purpose behind making more money, becoming a better communicator, or a better writer? So that you can use your passions and abilities to help others. Bauer is all for self help, but she delves deeper and shares that it’s not about us in the end, it’s about giving back. 

I realize the above might be less to do with the book that my own bias towards her conclusions, but a book that can fit this in deserves extra marks. If we don’t put on our own oxygen mask first we won’t be able to help others to the best of our ability. 

Pick up the book on Amazon here and learn how to get better with sales through mastering your self first. 

Enjoy and best of luck in all of your entrepreneurial endeavors. 


My Rating Out of 100