My Review of “Freedom from Fear: The Story of One Man’s Discovery of Simple Truths That Lead to Wealth, Joy and Peace of Mind by Mark Matteson

I thoroughly enjoyed this short book given to me a by a good friend of mine and Freedom-Cast guest Kevin Howard.

The book is a parable of a modern day man who’s wisdom effected many. The story takes places around a funeral at which attendees share the many ways that the man (Len) effected their lives.

I recommend that anyone who has the slightest bit of interest in goal setting and personal development give it a read. At just a tad over 100 pages you can read it on one or two sittings.

The Good

I loved the parable nature of the book and the stories contained within. I enjoyed learning from a man that seemed just a shy under too good to be true, but also 100% believable. I wanted to be like Len someday!

The Bad

Almost a counterpoint to the above was the fact that I didn’t realize it was a parable until halfway through. I am so used to non-fiction books in which the author is sharing his own story that I missed this. I felt slightly betrayed but also marveled at the author’s storytelling abilities.

More of a problem on my end probably, but I didn’t like feeling tricked much the same.

The Great

I find very little not to love about the book. The wisdom is profound and the lessons digestible. I found myself taking notes and taking snapshots of the book with my camera phone several times.

I’ve heard the advice to journal from many different people, and now I might just have to start doing it. I am going to even try this digital journal from Amazon to see if that might mix both my love of tech with the physical presence and reminder of having an actual notebook.

Give it a read and experience the story for yourself.