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My Short Review

Short Review

An Interesting, Unique, and Ultimately Engaging Take on Evaluating Self

Too often we don’t take the steps necessary to reset and take a good hard look at our life choices, personality, history, etc. This book encourages you to do this, albeit differently. 

The Humangee, as you will learn, is a fresh perspective and a way of looking at yourself in a new light. We wouldn’t usually compare ourselves to our cell phone, laptop, iPad, or other such devices, because we are infinitely more complex, but you’ll do that in this book. 

This book takes the human complexity element and sheds light in dark areas. It’s not for the faint of heart, as the manual suggests, and it might take you to areas you don’t really want to go, but it’s worth it in the end. 

The author hits the analogy hard. So much so that if you don’t get it early on, you’ll read and be utterly confused. I would have appreciated a brief and clear note in the early pages of what to expect. This might just be me personally, as I struggle with symbolism in books. I’d much rather the author be clear to avoid missing the point. 

Get beyond the above and you’ll enjoy this packed book. You won’t finish it in one sitting, but give it time to sink in. The author’s approach and writing style exposes the new challenges we face in this tech-driven 21st century, and it’s absolutely worth being aware of so that we can overcome. The design and feel of the book is top-notch, and I found the many images helpful and humorous. 

This book might be exactly what you need to break free from the myriad of challenges this world presents to optimize your Humangee.

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