I enjoyed reading this short yet profoundly enlightening book by Mark Matteson. It was very different from his other book that I reviewed a few short months ago: Freedom From Fear. It was not a fable but a recipe for instant success in the land of productivity.

The premise of the book is to help you get more done in half the time and it does just that. Matteson is all about maximizing efficiency and building both a physical space conducise to success, but also a mind that’s ready and able to work.

As always with my reviews let delve into the good, the bad, and the great! Hint though, this book was another gem in the self-help productivty department and should be on every entrepreneur’s bookshelf.

The Good

The book is filled with quotes and personal anecdotes that make it easy and enjoyable to read, I always love a book where I feel connected to the author. It helps me to trust their authority on the subject. When Mark tells you to journal, you better believe it’s because he has done so himself and seen some pretty amazing benefits.

The Bad

Where this book loses me at times is the incessant use of space to give you the reader a chance to write out answers. I 100% get the point of adding these pages in (action steps after all!) but they are far too numerous.

Most books in this genre don’t follow this pattern and for good reason. People just don’t want to take the time to answer questions as they are reading a book. It’s a book not a test after all.

Mark means well, but I think it detracts from the overall flow of an otherwise great book.

One caveat here is that I loved the call to fill out your top fifty life goals. My wife and I wrote out ours on a recent international flight and it helped to pass the time in a meaningful way.

Perhaps Mark could have been more selective in adding in places to write down notes, instead of every few pages.

And the Great

The book is filled with productivity tips that will help you get more done in half the time. I felt particularly pushed to journal even more than I already do now. Let this book speak to you at whatever level you find yourself on the productivity scale, and you will be certain to benefit.

You can pick up the book here on Amazon.

Good luck and keep growing, keep fighting, and keep working on those Destiny Goals!