This book is about Pat Flynn, first and foremost. He shares tidbits here and there, but this book is about his personal journey to a high level of entrepreneurship. And this is a great thing indeed.

This may be no secret to some of you, but for the last few years I have been following Pat Flynn and I love what he has to say. He has been the #1 influencer for my own online journey, and I am not the only one. There are literally thousands of people out there that will equate their success to this one man. To say that he knows his stuff is an understatement.

Pat is THE expert in online business, entrepreneurship, and podcasting specifically.

I personally read his blog posts, listen to every new podcast episode, and even watch the occasional YouTube video that he puts up. His content is timely and actionable. He always encourages listeners to stop and take action, once even telling listeners to stop listening to his podcast if listening was preventing them from starting right away towards their goals.

Pat is genuine, and always comes from a place of authenticity and transparency with all of his content. He makes no secret that his primary goal is to serve his audience, and it is obvious that he meets and exceeds this goal daily. He cares about what he puts out there and wants to be of service to people. This is why Pat is my go to resource for all things online business. If he writes it or endorses it, I am all in.

That is why, when I received an email from him (not directly guys, I am on his mailing list with about 100k other people haha) to purchase his new book, I did so right away. I then proceeded to finish the entire thing in one sitting. I gobbled up his story and the advice he shares throughout.

Pat tells his story of starting out and then succeeding in the online world with delicate grace, which is hard to do. His stories are relatable, funny, and extremely interesting. Even though I have heard these same stories several times throughout the years while listening to his podcast, it was nice to be able to read his full story in one go. I never realized how truly hard he worked to get to a good position in his field, only to have the rug ripped out from under him.

I could feel his pain when he walked into his boss’ office to get the bad news. What follows after this, the next step that Pat takes, is the only part of the book that makes me raise my eyebrows slightly and go “really??”

This is the one and only negative aspect of the book, and about Pat’s journey in general. Not everybody finds themselves in his same situation. Yes, he got laid off, but yes he also woke up one day to find literally 5000 people a day visiting his website. Yes he put the work in, but you can’t help but feel slightly annoyed while reading thinking “seriously man? Seriously? That was too easy…” Some people struggle for years to get traffic to their site, only to receive a very small percentage of that.

Still, Pat’s ability to relate to people at all different levels makes the prior complaint a non-issue. He is so down to earth and willing to admit his mistakes, that you can’t help but cheer for him. Even if his business now makes millions of dollars, I have no doubt in my mind that if Pat Flynn knew about me and my business, he would care deeply about it. I know that if he could, he would lend a helping hand.

His connection with his audience, that he shares about in his book, is his strongest quality and what separates him from others in his field. If you have any doubt that this book will give you a jump start of motivation, lay that to rest. Pat shares that anyone in just about any circumstance can indeed reach their goals if you have the courage to take action.

Now, this book won’t teach you the exact ways of starting a business.That’s not what its for. What it will teach you is that you can rise up despite your circumstances and, if you are willing, to let go of all that is holding you back.

I could go on forever shouting this books praises, but I will stop here. If you want a quick, easy read that will lift your spirits and give you the motivation you need to tackle your next goal, this book is perfect.

You can pick it up on Amazon right here for only $2.99 at the time of this writing (August 26th 2017).