I’m a big fan of most of Michal’s other books, with his Art of Persistence being a personal favorite. In Power up your Self Talk, he once again doesn’t disappoint. 

If you are looking for a quick read that will no doubt increase your ability to speak to yourself with an encouraging voice instead of a negative this is the book for you.

Let’s start with the good, discuss the bad, and finish off with the great. 

The Good

As with most of Michal’s books, he focuses again here on habits. Some regular self-help readers might be sick of reading about habits, but Michal hits the nail on the head with a new favorite quote when he says “convert a self-help method into a habit and the benefits will compound and last for a lifetime.”

Habits are the lifeblood of progress. Michal knows that his information is worthless as mere information, and thus shows you exactly how to put it into practice. 

The Bad

Michal dedicates an entire chapter to the art of smiling. While I agree that smiling often is one of the best habits we can incorporate into our daily routine to improve our self talk, I was surprised by the attention placed on this. 

I don’t disagree with the method and approach, I guess I just got a little bored. Starting simple is great, smiling is an excellent habit, but not worth a full chapter. 

The Great

The book quickly ramps up after the chapter on smiling, and I soon found that I was warming to the overall approach. Getting me smiling was just a clever way of showing me that building habits is easy and doable. Good one Michal. 

This book is nothing if not practical, with exercises laid out at the end of each chapter that you actually want to do. Michal know that most people who read these types of books skip these sections, but for some reason he lays it out in a way that you actually want to do what he says. 

The final verdict? I loved it. Maybe it’s his infectious writing style, or the simple and structured layout, but this book was a clear winner. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a boost to elevate their self talk. 

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