I had a lot of fun reading through this book. It took several weeks, but that’s only because I found every chapter stock full of practical advice and tips that I felt impelled to take notes and immediate action. I even wrote inside the book, feeling obliged to answer his reflection questions immediately.

Let’s dive into the good, the bad, and the great before I give away too much. 

The Good

The book serves as a thesis for convincing the reader that personal growth matters, and if you focus on it, other victories and wins in life will follow suit. By the end, he convinced me that I needed to focus even more on my own personal development if I hope to achieve all of my life goals. Just like we need to first secure our own oxygen mask before helping others, we need to first work on ourselves if we expect big opportunities to come knocking. 

It makes sense to focus on ourselves, but I’ve always thought of this as selfish. Maxwell did a good job of showing how important it is to work on self development and how that sows seeds into the rest of our lives. If we work on ourselves and bolster our own abilities, we are able to give back so much more. 

The Bad

One major problem I have with a lot of self help books (and do the best to avoid in my own!) is that there isn’t a sense that putting these habits into practice is challenging. Most people reading this don’t have the freedom and flexibility to immediately put these tasks into action. Life is challenging, and it’s hard to see that the author truly understands how difficult some people’s circumstances are. 

I think folks are better served practical habits with a dose of realism mixed in. We all have bills to pay and finding our purpose isn’t an overnight task. I believe that Maxwell understands this (most likely more than I do) but I wish the book shared it more often to give hope to those who might be struggling. 

He does talk about struggle in his “law of pain” and does a good job showing how pain helps us grow, but I think I’d have liked to see it mentioned more often. 

The Great

Granted you have a few hours each week to devote to your personal growth the actions steps in this book make sense and are easy to implement. You can quickly take note of the areas you ride the struggle bus with and use his suggestions to grow.

I love that he starts with the law of intentionality, as I think it’s one of the best ways we can see immediate success. If we are intentional and plan out our days and weeks ahead, we can find success even if it’s only a little bit at a time at first. 

I loved reading this book and it served it’s purpose for my life. I have come away with a new desire to work on my personal growth, and I recommend the book to anyone who’s seeking to grow and build a life worth writing home about. 

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Enjoy and best of luck in all of your entrepreneurial endeavors. 


Star Rating Out of 100