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The Case for Miracles was a quick and fun read. As a Christian, I found it gave me a broader perspective on miracles and definitively proved that miraculous events happened in our history and still happen today. I am taken aback at how good of a job the book does in this regard. I was expecting to read it and come away with a new understanding of miracles, but instead I feel a surge of energy for my prayer life. 

I think that current Christians should read this book for new understanding, and seekers should check it out for answers to more questions. 

Let’s dive into the good the bad and the great!

The Good

The book is structured simply. Strobel starts with an interview with Michael Shermer, a skeptic and expert for the other side. Michael Shermer brings up several points that Strobel works into the rest of his book, even going so far as to say he resonates with Shermer’s thoughts at a personal level. 

Strobel then goes on to debunk several of the objections to miracles with interviews with top experts in the field, adding in his own thoughts and opinions as he begins to build his case. 

I enjoy books with a clear direction and structure. I like it when I know what to expect next, and it kept me turning the page. 

The Bad

I can see how a skeptic might have issues with this book, especially if they don’t profess to the Christian faith. The book is well laid out and has a nice structure and flow, but the author is heavily biased as a longstanding Christian apologist. He attempts to thwart this bias by starting out with an interview with a skeptic, but this is the only such interview. I think the book would have been better served with several more interviews with top level scientists asking for their opinions and feedback. 

Skeptics might find his bias off putting and his opinions too strongly given throughout. However, it’s hard for this atheist turned Christian to hold off on adding his thoughts, especially since it’s his book and he is convinced miracles do happen. 

The Great

The Case for Miracles was a solid read and I very much enjoyed the narrative flow that brought the points home in a climactic finish. By the end, it’s almost impossible not to get down on your hands and knees and pray for miracles to occur. 

Further, Strobel dedicates several chapters to what to do when miracles don’t occur. His own wife is a victim of years of pain. He hasn’t let this stop him from believing in a loving God, when culturally he would have every reason to renounce an evil and unloving God who inflicts pain on his bride. But no, he continues to believe not only in a loving Savior, but a God who performs miracles today. 

His own personal thoughts and situation help to steer his bias clear. Here’s a guy who is praying for a miracle for his wife daily, isn’t getting one, and yet still believes. Some might call it crazy, I call it great faith. 

Pick up the book on Amazon here and get ready to be wowed by the miraculous. 

Enjoy and best of luck in all of your entrepreneurial endeavors. 


My Rating Out of 100