Want to learn how to set a Destiny Goal? Wonder what Destiny Goals even are? It’s not slaying a dragon and saving the princess, nor does involve saving the world from giants or sailing the seven seas in search of hidden treasure. (Even though each of these would be awesome.)

Destiny goals are what we are seeking after in our everyday fairly “normal” lives. I have fully come to grips with the fact that Hagrid isn’t going to pick me up one day and bring me to Hogwarts, I am not going to find a Dragon’s egg in the woods, nor am I going to discover a hidden force power within. As much as I would love to have a fantastical destiny like the ones that we read about in books or see in the movies, I know I am destined for other things.

The truth is that these types of fantastical journeys are not possible for us, and it can make us feel like we won’t ever amount to anything. Even just thinking about real people like Bill Gates or Elon Musk, we might think that our own lives could never amount to anything.

I am here to tell you this line of thinking is so utterly false I’d like to blow it up with a Death Star and kiss it goodbye forever. We each have inside of us a destiny that can change the world. God is working in all of us to pull that destiny out of us and bring us to our true potential. Remember that God wants us to get where God wants us to go, much more than we do, but if we don’t work towards it, we won’t ever get there.

The even cooler thing? We each have a destiny that will should seek to find. Actually, we each have several. If you have ever thought to yourself, “Yes! This is what I was born to do!” Then you might be pretty close to your destiny.

Destiny normally means something that is “going to happen to you.” Boring definition if you ask me. For me, destiny means: “God given potential just waiting to be unleashed into the world at large.”

But how do we ultimately find our destiny? By setting destiny goals of course! 

This post will share a practical way to go about bringing your thinking outside the box and to get your mind thinking big. 

What are Destiny Goals?

Before you start setting your own destiny goals, it’s important to know what they entail and how they are formed. Remember that this is your direct link to discovering your true purpose. Destiny goals have the following epic characteristics:

  • They are outside the box in nature because you want to get your brain thinking big!
  • A list of everything you want to do with your life, but think big here. Losing 10 pounds isn’t really a destiny goal.
  • Not something you can accomplish quickly, but will need to work into.
  • Will have a major impact on your lasting legacy.
  • Can be selfish in nature because remember that we must first put on our own oxygen mask before helping others.
  • Is something important to you.
  • Only you can make the true distinction between a regular old goal and superpowered and mighty destiny goal.

The important thing is that you are not limiting yourself or your potential with these goals. Sure, putting “I want to slay a dragon” might be kind of ridiculous, but why not put “get my Doctorate in theology” or “discover a new way to stave of world hunger.”

Destiny goals have the potential to change the world by tapping into the potential of us as individuals to bring about bigger change. This isn’t mumbo jumbo, it’s raw power and it’s just waiting to be unleashed from the masses.

Back in April of 2015 Miranda (my wife) and I set a big destiny goal to move away from Pennsylvania. We were out walking one day and we both immediately felt called to do more. We felt as if we were not accomplishing much where we were at and that we needed to pray and seek out a big change.

We set a big goal to be out of PA by the end of the year. Having never made a huge move before as a couple, this would be a big deal. We had spent the last four years in the same apartment doing relatively the same things.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, God was working in us to set a huge destiny goal for our lives and was working to change us big time. We prayed for a big move and dreamed for a challenge to work through and boy did we get it!

In November of 2015 we packed up our belongings and moved down south, all the way to Atlanta GA to begin work in a retirement community as assistant managers. Little did we know this would turn out to be a huge learning curve and a major challenge for both of us.

Throughout the two years of working for 3 different communities, we were stretched and pushed to our absolute limits. We were on an emotional roller coaster for what seemed like only a small blip in time as the days fast faded together in a hazy blur. I can’t remember a time in my life where I have felt such a high level of joy, mixed with such a high level of stress.

The residents meant the absolute world to us and we miss them dearly still. The job stressed us out big time and became the challenge we had prayed so dearly for.

Ultimately I wouldn’t trade the time we spent there for anything as we were sharpened and strengthened as individuals and also as a couple.

This is the truth I’ve discovered about setting destiny goals and working towards crafting a legacy:

God will work with you and answer prayer, but never in the way you expect. He will be faithful to complete a good work in you, but it will come through trials and challenges. If we can remain faithful God will bring us through and we will be one step closer to our destiny.

Setting destiny goals involves working and praying towards an unknown future. I may have no idea what my legacy is going to be (truth time: I don’t!), but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t work toward something.

Finding our purpose through our destiny comes from being able to push past doubt, pain, and any and all fear. Do you think for a second that Miranda and I weren’t frightened to leave our families behind and move 741 miles to an unknown future? Heck yeah we were scared! But we didn’t let that stop us, and it shouldn’t stop you from at the very least, dreaming about your future and the difference you can make.

We have one life, one short blip on this earth. If you aren’t dreaming into something, if you are just drifting along and hoping things will just fall into place… Get woke friend. Smell the daffodils and start dreaming now before your life passes you by and you are in the ground with a mound of dirt over your head.

Your Destiny Goals: Making the Impossible, Possible!

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” ― Bill Gates

I hope I got you a little pumped up to start to set destiny goals for yourself? Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in one night, and that your enthusiasm won’t last throughout the duration of the goal. I’ve found out the hard way that some days you just have to keep working toward the goal even if you don’t feel like it that day.

Before we get into how on making your own destiny goals (hint: it’s not that hard), let me share a few of my own destiny goals so you can start to see what I am talking about here:

  • By the end of 2019 we want to pay off our student loans completely. (we both went to a private Christian College, so you do the math, this is a BIG goal haha but we want it bad).
  • In the next few years I’ve written a NY Times bestselling book that has helped millions find new direction with their lives.
  • For the next 5 years we want to visit a new country every year and start to learn new languages.
  • To live off of 10% of our income and give away the rest.
  • To be location independent and live and work in another country for 3-6 months.

Those are just some of my goals, but enough about me. Pondering some of the following goal setting questions will help you get started creating destiny goals:

  1. If nothing was tieing you down (no commitments, no strings), what would you want to do with your life? (side note, I kind of hate this question, but only because it makes me think. It’s super hard for me to think outside the box, but this is good way to get started.)
  2. What do you enjoy doing most in life?
  3. Who are the people you want to dream big with?
  4. What are your unique passions and abilities?
  5. How can you transform those passions and abilities into something that can make a difference in the world?
  6. How badly do you want to find personal growth?
  7. Picture yourself 20 years older: What are you most going to regret? Is it the things you had done, or the things you wish you had done? (Hint: When interviewed later in life, people regret the things they didn’t do, much more often than the things they did!)
  8. Where do you want to go? The moon might be out of reach for most (but not impossible), but the world is open to us. This question is simple, but if you have ever travelled you know how good it can feel to experience new things.
  9. What is an are of personal development you would like to focus on?
  10. What is holding you back?

Answering these questions isn’t easy by any means, but it will serve to get your mind going. Answer these questions, ponder them, and then get ready for the final step in the process.

Brainstorming Destiny Goals and Breaking the Box

“Your focus determines your reality” -Qui Gon Jin

The key to figuring out your personal destiny goals lies within you! It might be cliche, but it’s true. I’ll show you why.

Your ultimate purpose is the interplay between your passions and reality. It’s the intersecting point between your abilities and your current circumstances and situation.

You can’t become a purveyor of worldly change if you’ve never been outside the country. You can’t change the political atmosphere if you have no interest in politics, and you probably can’t write a book if you don’t know how to write.

We know all of this, and yet it is this exact thinking that stops us from dreaming big. We think “well I don’t know how to speak Spanish so I could never travel to Ecuador.” Or maybe “Even if I move to L.A. I will still never reach my dream of becoming an actress, I’m not pretty enough”

It is this kind of limiting thinking that is so detrimental to having positive and productive brainstorming sessions. Break outside of the box and create goals that might not make any sense, by limiting these thoughts. Believe that anything is possible and start creating goals!

The best way to get started?

Have a brainstorming session.

Take the following steps to find uplifting enlightenment and discover your destiny goals:

  1. Grab a friend, family member, or significant other. Make sure they are on board and willing to stretch your thinking.
  2. Get a sheet of paper to take notes.
  3. Find a place to sit that won’t distract you. Go out to a coffee shop or do it over dinner.
  4. Ponder the questions listed above, but focus mainly on #1 (what would you with your life if nothing at all was holding you back?). Don’t limit your thinking and don’t be afraid to be as ridiculous as you need to be. When we did this, Miranda had to constantly tell me to get outside of the box! For whatever reason, I was stuck in a mindset of possible. Don’t be stuck in the possible, get out of your own head.
  5. Shoot ideas back and forth and write everything down. Fill up a full page of things you would like to do with your life.
  6. Don’t let this activity become a one time thing. Post your goals onto a whiteboard on the wall (we do this often), or keep the notes next to your bed. Add to it often whenever you think of something big you want to accomplish. Jack Canfield has a list of 101 of his goals right here, with a theory as to why goals are so important. Now, not all of these goals are “destiny goals” by my definition, but it will get you started if you need more ideas.

Final Thoughts

Where you put your efforts and determination is where you will start to see your dreams become reality. If you spend time focusing on your destiny goals, your reality will naturally follow. You will start to sleep, dream, and eat your goals.

Best of luck to you as you proceed to towards your destiny. Remember to enjoy the process, never stop learning, and never stop growing.

You got this!