Should you take the DISC personality test?

In short? No…

For a more in depth look, check out the full video.

Time to complete: 5-10 minutes

What I liked: –Very quick to take.

What I didn’t like:  –I don’t like the question structure at all. It was confusing at first and it took me a long time to come to a conclusion as it felt like I was leaving something out.
–Questions were too absolute. Didn’t leave room for a middle ground.
–The question “Most people find me acceptable” How am I supposed to answer that!?
–Both sites had a cost for the full report, that I wouldn’t even consider paying for.
–Tests from two sites did not match up.

Insights gained:

1) I always first ask, do the results tie in with what I already know about myself? No, they do not.
2) The tests didn’t match, and I took them back to back. Not a huge fan of the DISC.

Link to 123 test:…

Truity link:…

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