This post and video guide contains 5 actionable strategies for increasing your Empathy CliftonStrengths.

Have you struggled with your strength of empathy? Do you wish your empathy muscle would bulge like Dwayne The Rock Johnson?

It’s not easy to become more empathetic. It takes practice and knowing what specific steps to take. If you have Empathy as one of your strengths, it’s up to you to use that muscle.

Try out one of the five steps below for growing into your Empathy CliftonStrengths. 

The struggle often becomes knowing what action steps to take in order to move forward with growth.

5 Ways to Grow Your Empathetic Muscle and Improve Your Empathy CliftonStrengths:

✅ Take the time to remember people’s names. This way you can think about them and pray for them more deeply.
✅ Listen. Really listen. Practice active listening. Do this by repeating back what the person says “I hear you saying X” or “It sounds like you mean X, is this right?”
✅ Ask a close friend to coffee, and ask questions to get them to open up. While talking, picture in your mind’s eye their thoughts and emotions. Be open and tell them what you’re up to.
✅ Set a goal for yourself to lift up one person each day this week. You can do this with a short text, email, physical card, or even a short video call. Be open and honest and vulnerable with how that person has made a difference in your life
✅ Practice interrupting yourself and cutting your own words short. Give extra space for others to be able to share and contribute. You’ll learn more and feel better when not talking!

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