ENFJs are the type of people that light up a room. They want people to be connected and motivated for personal growth and social change. They are purveyors and activators of big ideas. Any good list of ENFJ careers must focus on the big picture, jobs that involve making a difference for people, and other activities that stimulate the most important aspects of an ENFJ.

ENFJ Intro 

I want to share a brief overview of the ENFJ type, but feel free to skip down to the list of ENFJ careers, side hustles and hobbies below if you have a pretty good grip on this type. Otherwise, keep reading for a quick refresher. 

The dominant function of an ENFJ is their Extraverted Feeling (Fe). This is what ENFJs use to communicate with the world by using their gut feeling on people and circumstances. It’s charged by the presence of other people. 

The secondary or auxiliary function of an ENFJ is their Introverted Intuition (Ni). The internal world of the ENFJ is seemingly at odds with their extraverted selves, but it’s how they process data and form conclusions. 

For an depth look at the cognitive stacks and how they work go here. For basic purposes, it’s okay not to dive too deeply; it’s more important to find work that we enjoy doing.

In general ENFJs:

  • Love being around people.
  • Are highly interested in the development and growth of other people.
  • Do best in leadership roles.
  • Are reliable people that can be counted on.
  • Can be too idealistic in their hopes to make the world a better place.
  • Struggle with tough decisions, how do you choose the best option out of several good options?
  • Are Optimistic and future oriented.
  • Are always on the lookout for ways to help others.
  • Need to avoid too much negativity as it will quickly bring them down. 
  • Tend to be satisfied with their jobs, but also on the lookout for bigger and better opportunities.
  • Are charismatic, encouraging, and activators. 

Aren’t 100% sure of your type? Go here to take a free test and figure it out (but read other type descriptions too if you aren’t confident in your score). Quickly browse the career list on that site, but come back here for a better look into how your type affects the changing landscape of jobs in our millennial age. 

ENFJ Careers

ENFJ careers intro

Let’s dive right into five ENFJ careers worth thinking about. ENFJs are generally happy with where they are at due to their optimistic and positive nature, but if you are considering a career change, consider the following options. 

1) School Principal/Headmaster

Headmaster is a much cooler title than principal right? As a major bonus, you’d get to choose what people had to call you. As an ENFJ, you’d do well as an extravert who loves leading people, but also knows how to relate and communicate effectively. 

2) Contract Negotiator

You know how to get your way. Your high judgement side makes quick decisions on what exactly you are willing to accept or walk away from, and you enjoy the struggle. As an INFJ, I hate negotiating. Not because I don’t enjoy talking to people, but because I need time to process and then I’m able to act. It takes too long for me to determine the best course of action and get to the root of what the other person really wants.

If you enjoy negotiation, check out my review of Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and pick up the book. It’s one of my top picks for best book of 2019. 

3) High School Teacher

If high school principal seems too far off or you’d like to engage with students more one on one in a tighter setting, consider becoming a high school teacher. Take it a step further by becoming a coach or teaching an after school club of something that interests you. 

4) Marketing Manager

You know what needs to be done and how to encourage others to get there. Marketing managers direct a team to fulfil the needs of their company and/or clients. Learn how to become a marketing manager here

5) Meteorologist

If you enjoy getting up in front of people with important information, this is the job for you. And heck, you don’t even have to be right to continue coming back!

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ENFJ Side Hustles

Moving beyond ENFJ careers, ENFJs would do well to add a side hustle or two to their income portfolios. ENFJs prefer to work on side projects that involve other people in some capacity. 

1) Magician

If you have a love of the mystic arts and entertaining others, consider the idea of becoming a magician. You don’t have to go as dark as the Mind Freak Chris Angel, but people pay to be entertained. You could even start a YouTube channel teaching people new magic tricks or other illusions. 

2) Mystery Shopper

People do actually make money mystery shopping, so it’s certainly something to consider for the ENFJ who loves checking out new places and then providing an in depth review of the experience. 

3) Photographer

Photography isn’t for everyone, but if you have a knack for taking stellar pictures there are people out there that will pay money for your creations. Here’s a list of 12 places you can sell photos online.

4) Real Estate

Obviously, there are people who do well enough with real estate they do it full time. But if you want to get started think about doing it as a side hustle first to get the ball rolling. Take an online class, check out this book called Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing by one of my former clients Michael Blank, or just dive in and get your feet wet. 

5) Street Performer

ENFJ careers and side hustles

You can make money performing on the street if you are talented (and daring!) enough to do so. You might find it a good side gig if you play a mean saxophone or want to take your YouTube cat dancing videos on tour. 

Go here to download the side hustle success formula and other personality bonuses. 

ENFJ Hobbies

ENFJ careers and ENFJ hobbies

ENFJ careers and side hustles can be fun in their own right if we pick the right ones, but to find a positive work life balance we all need to find occasion to unwind and rest. To become a more grounded and well balanced individual enjoy your time away from work and side projects. 

ENFJs enjoy staying busy and making the most of their time. Choose hobbies that will uplift you and fill your cup. 

Here are five ideas for ENFJ hobbies:

1) Amazon Reviewer

If you are really good at writing reviews and providing actionable feedback, companies might consider you for their product releases. This means free stuff for you for a little bit of your time. It probably won’t pay much, but it can be fun to become a brand ambassador. 

2) Blacksmithing

Back in the old days this was a highly sought after and critical position in a society. It still exists today, but it isn’t as crucial. Still, if you enjoy learning a new skill (you probably do) consider learning blacksmithing and becoming a hit at your local renaissance fair. 

3) Axe Throwing

Axe throwing places are popping up all over the place and I really really (read: like really really) want to give it a try. I know some people who love throwing pointed axe heads at targets and I bet you might enjoy it too. 

4) Martial Arts

Martial arts is a perfect hobby for the ENFJ to channel their need of intense interaction, social desires, and call to face deeper issues. As a trainee you’ll learn valuable life lessons, and as a dojo you will get to lead others down a path to greater physical awareness and control. 

5) Paintball

Running around, interacting with others, and raining down colorful balls of death on the enemy!? Paintball is something every ENFJ should try. Not only can you utilize your extraverted physical energy, you can use your finely tuned intuition to strategize and predict the movements of your opponents. 

Want more? Download the full list of bucket list hobbies here

What are your favorite ENFJ careers, side hustles and hobbies? Share below!