Welcome, your ENTJ careers list, side hustles, and hobbies await. As a natural leader, you no doubt find success in almost anything you set your mind to. But maybe you’ve wondered, what’s next? Am I really getting the most out of life? Does how I spend my time correlate to living my best life?

As an ENTJ your drive to think through possibilities go after them is what sets you apart. Channel your strengths and don’t merely read these ideas, find a way to incorporate the one that stands out the most into your life. 

ENTJ Intro

ENTJs make up about 3% of the population. At their best they are skilled managers, inspiring leaders, and ruthless achievers. They will stop at nothing to get things done and will bring others along with them. 

When looking for the best ENTJ careers consider the leading cognitive functions of this type.

The dominant function of an ENTJ is their Extraverted Thinking. ENTJs use this function to impose order out of their environment and other people in order to get things done. ENTJs often want others to cut to the chase and hop on board the solution that they have already thought out, considered, and evaluated as correct. 

The secondary or auxiliary function of an ENTJ is their Introverted Intuition. They are future oriented and have a drive for something more. They use their gut instincts with details and specifics and use this to enhance the decision that’s already been made with Extraverted Thinking. 

In general ENTJs:

  • Are headstrong achieving types
  • Critical thinkers that don’t dwell in the thinking stage for longer than necessary
  • Make brilliant entrepreneurs and free thinkers
  • Often get the limelight and the credit for a job well done
  • Finish what they start
  • Structured and highly successful
  • Can come across as arrogant if they aren’t careful. Or can just be the arrogant type… (but not you right!?)
  • Hate inefficiency and will do whatever they can to correct such nonsense
  • The life of the party, fun to have around, always jumping into new things
  • Strategic thinkers
  • Can be bullies
  • Stubborn: they know what’s best
  • Extreme types can be cold and ruthless, but mature types know how to work with people

Let’s start with a list of the best careers for ENTJs and then we will jump into money making side hustles and hobbies that fit. Capiche? 

Aren’t sure of your type? Go here to take a free test and figure it out. Quickly browse the career list on that site, but come back here for a better look into how your type affects the changing landscape of jobs in our millennial age. 

ENTJ Careers

1) Construction Manager

ENTJ careers

ENTJs make fantastic construction managers due to their no nonsense approach to leadership. In fact, if more ENTJs were actually construction managers we wouldn’t have to face the same road work over and over for 5+ years. Sigh…

Please, do us all a favor and clear the roads with your organizational skills. 

2) Hotel Manager

You’d make a great manager. You dig it? For real though, if you are a true ENTJ you crave leadership and doing things the most efficient way (which you know best). 

Managing hotels is a pretty good gig as it pays nicely, lets you travel all around the world, and meet a ton of new people. Here’s how to become one

3) Human Statue

I bet you never thought of this one eh? Well, for staying still and being the center of attention you could earn up to $100 an hour. Not a bad payout for just standing still and letting people gawk at you. 

4) Lawyer

ENTJs make exceptional lawyers with their clarity of thought and unmatched objectivity. Doing quality research, engaging with other quick-witted and strong minds, and challenging authority are just some of the things you get to enjoy as a lawyer ENTJ.

5) Public Speaker

Any type can find success in any career. That being said, ENTJs make exceptional public speakers. Once you get over any intiial fears in standing up in large crowds, you’ll learn to rely on your confidence in your subject matter. Who knows your topic of interest better than you? Nobody. Now go speak about it and make a ton of money in the process. 

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ENTJ Side Hustles

Moving beyond ENTJ careers, ENTJs tend to focus big in one are and find major success. But since diversifying your income portfolio is the way to go these days, consider starting a side hustle or two to add to your already lucrative level of success. 

1) Amazon FBA

Fulfilment by Amazon is a means of creating a product (or stocking an existing one), creating an Amazon listing, and then selling and shipping your product to customers. 

I once almost went down this potentially lucrative (but also super risky) side hustle path. But I stopped myself before chasing this shiny object. As an INFJ I wouldn’t have enjoyed this side hustle. As an ENTJ you probably will. You’ll get to interact with people AND think strategically about how to solve the inevitable problems that come up when dropshipping. 

2) Extra (actor/actress)

Did you know that Jim Carrey is an ENTJ? Start as an extra and get your in, and since you are a natural at maximizing opportunities, who knows what could happen? Just do me a favor and remember the little people. 

3) Get Paid for Selfies

ENTJ careers and side hustles

While admittedly not the most lucrative side hustle option, if you have some free time and are strategic with your selfies, you could make a couple bucks here and there.  

4) List Your Car on Turo

Oh the sharing economy. Oh how we love thee. The power has been put into the hands of the consumer with Uber, Lyft, AirBnB and now Turo, a way for the average Joe to safely list their car as a rental option. 

It appears to work as simply as listing your car for rental, the renter picking it up, and reaping the rewards. It’s never that simple, but if anyone can figure out a way to turn a nice profit on a car they only use on occasion it’s you!

5) Social Media Influencer

Move beyond getting paid for selfies and become an influencer in your community, your niche, or your business. Influencers who can attract an audience can make a killing selling affiliate products, subscriptions, or their own digital products. 

As a natural leader and strategic thinker, you can very easily find a path towards success. 

Go here to download the side hustle success formula and other personality bonuses. 

ENTJ Hobbies

We all should consider moving beyond the bonds of the hustle in order to make money. Sure, our ENTJ careers and side hustles can be fun in their own right if we pick the right ones, but to find a positive work life balance we all need to find occasion to unwind. 

But how? Here are some ideas for ENTJ hobbies:

1) Olympic Rowing

While canoeing and/or kayaking might be a fun way to spend an evening, why not do something that can be grown into a competition? As the lead rower you can take your team to greater heights while getting a solid workout in too. 

2) Cosplaying

Cosplaying is a fun and interactive way to meet new people, geek out on your interests, and find others that are just as dedicated as you are. One day you could even run en entire event for cosplayers in your local community, or, if you get really good, you could turn this hobby into a side hustle and get paid to cosplay

3) Drone Photography

You can sell your photos for cash online, but anyone can take a pic and try to sell it. Why not turn your love of photography into something even better (and much more fun!)? Get a drone that either has a build in camera or a mount for a go pro and sell your photos and footage to the highest bidder. 

Or, keep it as a hobby and post your images for free on line at a photo site like Unsplash. It’s where I get most of my images so I would like to thank you for your contribution. 

4) Stand up Comedy

ENTJs are naturally funny. Whether you want to attend comedy shows or give it a try for yourself, it’s sure to be a hit. Laughing is good for the soul. 

5) Treasure Hunting

ENTJ careers and hobbies

“What do you do for fun Jim?”

“Well, during the day I practice law, but in the evenings and weekend I’m a bonafide treasure hunter. You should join me!”

Crickets. Smiles. Heads shaken. 

Treasure hunting is an interesting hobby to have, but you don’t mind standing out. You have to think through the bigger picture and wonder where treasures might be hiding. Check out this list of 20 ways to treasure hunt for ideas. Just remember, X marks the spot yee scurvy dog. 

Want more? Download the full list of bucket list hobbies here

What are your favorite ENTJ careers, side hustles and hobbies? Share below!