ENTPs thrive when a lot is going on. You don’t want to be limited by only one career or bigger goal. You want to accomplish as many things as you can. You are driven and ready to make a splash. Your personalized ENTP careers list, side hustles, and hobbies await below. 

Every other list on the internet is filled with only boring careers… Let’s face it, you don’t want to become a career man or woman. You want to strike out on your own. This list has fun ENTP careers, but moves beyond with ideas for side hustles and hobbies to grow your portfolio. 

ENTP Intro

ENTPs are high achievers like the ENTJ type, but don’t care as much about leading (although they can do it, and do it well). They would much rather experience and explore their own interests and what they find fascinating. Keeping their options open, they don’t tend to dive in as far as an INTJ might but instead prefer breadth of knowledge to depth. 

The dominant function of an ENTP is their Extraverted Intuition (Ne). At its core it’s suggested that leading with Ne means placing high value on opportunity and possibilities out in the world. People with Ne as their primary function constantly seek deeper meaning and ways to live out a deeper purpose.

The secondary or auxiliary function of an ENTP is their Introverted Thinking (Ti). As a secondary function in the ENTPs cognitive stack Introverted thinking is a decision-making function. It is suggested that those with ENTP make decisions based on empirical facts and data. 

Put these two together and mature ENTPs are open to exciting new possibilities (Ne), but then decide which possibilities to pursue through their Ti. 

For a more in depth look at the cognitive stacks and how they work go here. For basic purposes, it’s okay not to dive too deeply; it’s more important to find work that we enjoy doing.

In general ENTPs:

  • Have a strong desire to make their mark on the world.
  • Enjoy debating ideas with others as it allows them to practice communicating their theories.
  • Are skilled at coming up with new ideas, and then figuring out what it would take to execute those ideas in the real world.
  • Much prefer the big picture to the mundane daily minutiae of everyday tasks. 
  • At risk of openly questioning loved ones, co workers, or even their boss. While this feels normal to ENTPs, it’s not always best practice for keeping one’s job… 
  • Are highly knowledgeable, and enjoy learning more about what they like.
  • Tend to be good at coming up with original and actionable ideas.
  • Have a lot of energy, especially when trying to prove they are correct.
  • Have a strong desire to debate and prove their point often at the expense of others. 
  • Arrive more slowly at their potential (IE: not arriving at a leadership role as fast as they would like), but can make a positive impact once reached.
  • Dislike rules and structure and prefer to pave their own way. 

Let’s start with a list of the best careers for ENTPs and then we will jump into money making side hustles and hobbies that fit. Sound like a plan?

Aren’t sure of your type? Go here to take a free test and figure it out. Quickly browse the career list on that site, but come back here for a better look into how your type affects the changing landscape of jobs in our millennial age. 

ENTP Careers

1) Bounty Hunter

ENTP careers bounty hunter

What happens if you pay your bail and then “forget” to show up at your hearing? Well, probably a phone call first… But then they sick the expert on you to bring you in. Bounty hunting is a real profession, and while you won’t get a jetpack and blaster like Boba Fett, as an ENTP you might just find your dream job here. You can throw the handcuffs on suspects, plop them in your backseat, and tell them exactly why 18th century literature is king. 

Here’s how to become a bounty hunter.

2) College History Professor

ENTPs fit the mold of professor well. Since they have a craving for knowledge and debate, they will orient their classes around discussion, and will thrive. They will enjoy proving students wrong, and will delight in those moments when students teach them something too. 

The college environment is the right mix of big picture, high value, and high energy that ENTPs will love.

3) Entrepreneur

ENTPs thrive as entrepreneurs. Starting businesses and side hustles, you’ll find that you can make enough money to chase after the things which truly inspire and challenge you. For some, that might mean starting more businesses and watching them grow. For others, it might mean devling even deeper into your hobbies and personal goals. 

Don’t forget the importance of balance though!

4) Headhunter

In this HR associate job you’ll be finding people that fit exactly what the company needs. You’ll be responsible for the well being of both the company and the talent you find. These people are the best of the best and you’ll be face to face with them, evaluating them and convincing them you have the best package to offer. You’ll get to work on your much favored skills of persuasion and negotiation and hone in on your strengths.

5) Geographer (surveyors, cartographers and photogrammetrists)

Most of the world is still unexplored. As a lover of discovery and learning new things, geography and related fields might be an option for you. 

An ENTP environmentalist can find great enjoyment studying geography and how it relates culturally and politically. You’ll be in a prime position to argue for change in areas you are passionate about. 

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ENTP Side Hustles

Moving beyond ENTP careers, ENTPs would do well to add a side hustle or two to their income portfolios. ENTPs prefer to work either on their own or with limited supervision, and the more diversified your income portfolio the better off you’ll be. 

1) Vending Machines

ENTP side hustles vending machines

It’s possible to buy a vending machine, get permission to plop it down in a profitable area, pay someone to refill it for you, and reap the rewards. 

This guy makes millions doing this. It’s not in the cards for most, but as with any business or side hustle, the more sweat equity you pour into it, the better the chance at reaping the rewards. 

I like this one because how many people do you know buy and operate vending machines!? It’s so uncommon as to seem laughable, but people will consistently pay at least a dollar for a canned soda you bought for $0.25 in bulk. 

2) Car Flipping

Channel your inner debating skills for good. Get really good at negotiation and you could quickly become an expert in this side hustle. Start slow but give it a try and see what happens. 

3) Kids Party Clown

If you really need to unwind and let loose, why not embrace that crazy side of you? Just don’t spend your paid hours debating with Johnny when he says your “dog balloon” looks like a party hat. Just make him a new one, smile, and try not to argue. 

4) Podcasting

Podcasting is fast becoming one of the best ways to grow your platform and communicate with your audience. As an ENTP who loves to talk and share your ideas, this one is a no-brainer! 

Pat Flynn is the #1 podcasting guru out there, but keep this in mind: he makes his money on podcasting telling people how to make money with podcasting. Podcasting is really only lucrative if you can get a solid listenership invested in what you have to say. 

While it was an enjoyable side project, our podcast that my wife and I did for a year never catapulted into something we could make money with. Granted, we could have done a lot more with it, but in the end it took a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of producing, with not a lot of direct benefits. Sure, people loved it, but no one can create free content forever, there has to be a point in which side hustles become profitable or else there just hobbies or passion projects. 

But you’re an ENTP, you’re gonna kill it right? 🙂

5) Sports Referee

Telling people they are wrong? Penalizing them for disobeying rules? Being the one holding the power to decide a team’s fate? Why are you not already a sports referee!?

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ENTP Hobbies

We all should consider moving beyond the bonds of the hustle in order to make money. Sure, our careers and side hustles can be fun in their own right if we pick the right ones, but to find a positive work life balance we all need to find occasion to unwind. 

But how? Here are some ideas for ENTP hobbies:

1) Vlogging

Vlogging is just like blogging except you do it primarily through video. If you enjoy producing videos and talking to yourself on camera, consider engaging your creative side and editing high quality videos to share what you are up to with the world. People love status updates and sharing fun videos can be a good hobby to jump into. 

2) Airsoft

I played airsoft all throughout college and loved it. It can be an expensive hobby, but what better way to demonstrate your knowledge of warfare and weaponry than to participate in it yourself? 

3) Geocaching

ENTP hobbies geocaching

Geocaching is a fun way to explore when you might not have a reason to go there otherwise. Discovering what someone else left behind (even if it is just a dogbone and a frayed journal) is fascinating! They left it behind just for you to find and find you did!

I once lead my wife on a multi-week treasure hunt for no other reason than I wanted to give her an experience. I think I still remember it more fondly than she did, but it was fun watching her struggle through my vague clues and spending days on end trying to solve the puzzle. 😉

4)Historical Reenactments

ENTPs tend to be into history. If you enjoy learning about what once was consider taking it a step further and joining a civil war reenactment club or something of the sort. 


Enjoying new and exciting adventures is right up the alley for an ENTP. Consider going out of country, or even just a new city close by that you’ve never been to. Explore and discover more about this amazing world we live in. 

Want more? Download the full list of bucket list hobbies here

What are your favorite ENTP careers, side hustles and hobbies? Share below!