Hello and Welcome to Freedom Cast: Leaving Normal Behind. Miranda and I are so excited for this episode and to talk a little bit about us and what this podcast will do for you.

So what is this podcast?

Title: Freedom-cast: leaving normal behind

Your two hosts are going to be Jordan and Miranda Ring

Who are we? We are:

-East Coasters
-Entrepreneurs- Just recently left our jobs, Miranda is searching for her passion and I am striking into the world of entreprenership.

We tell our winterproofing story of back when we lived in PA. You don’t want to miss this.

Reasons why we are doing this podcast:

-Share our story
-Encourage others
-Because Pat Flynn Said so…
-Reach more people than just a website and an email list
-Because we are learning too and we love hearing other people’s ideas.This is why we are having guests so we can learn and you the listener will get to hear different perspectives.
-We want people to get to know us better.
-We want people to find their passion and not have to do a job they hate. We will talk about our own struggles with bills and school loans.

We believe that we have to come face to face with reality but with this, no onr should have to settle.

Reasons why you should listen

-Giving people ideas of how things can be different
-Help get people out of their rut
-To speak to people that want a little bit more
-Life is a journey and we haven’t arrived. We feel a strong need to share with others and provide a hand to help others up.
-You will learn different things and learn that you never have to settle.
-Our main goal is that you hear some of our ideas the ideas of our guests, and apply them to your own life.


What this show will look like?

-We will have interesting guests
-Positive outlook and uplifting
-We will be ridiculous and we want you to laugh. No pride here.

What to look forward to in the next couple episodes:

-Our story
-Episode three will have a guest TBD

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Cya next time, stay weird friends.