Everybody Always was passed on to me by my good friend Kevin Howard (also a guest on our podcast here). I’ve read Bob’s first book Love Does and I was expecting more of the same here. I got it, and then some. Bob expands this book into a personal call to stop just believing what Jesus says and living it instead. Bob’s writing is convicting, but he doesn’t leave us there. Through his goofy and often laugh-out-loud outrageous tales, Bob shares that each of us has great potential in a pretty crazy world. 

As always with my reviews, I will share the good, the bad, and the great!

The Good

Bob’s story telling is downright hilarious. I’m not sure if this is his natural ability, or if he is just so ludicrous himself that his writing naturally follows. Whatever it is, this book stands unique above any of it’s kind. I found myself enraptured at his quick wit, and I love the way he was able to wrap the story into a vivid point about truth and God’s love. 

Some might not like this kind of storytelling, but I loved it. I can’t wait for Bob’s next penned adventure, but maybe it’s just because I want to hear more about “croc dropping.” 

The Bad

The stories are so ludicrous, outlandish, and far fetched that I find myself questioning their truth. “Did I pick up a fiction book?” No way did he just walk into a national embassy unannounced..” “Did he really invite a Ugandan judge to his “office” at Disneyland.”

I don’t really doubt that these stories take place, but sometimes I wonder at his relatability to someone who has never experienced anything close to these kinds of adventures. Since the author’s ability to relate to the reader is super important to me, this goes down as a very slight negative for this book. Not everyone can drop everything and take their Godson for a two week long hike up Mount Kilimanjaro afterall…

Still though, I can imagine that if I ever met Bob I’d want to give him a big ol’ hug. He seems like the type of guy that wants the best for people and I will never fault anyone for that. 

The Great

The book was great. Hands down, Bob is one of my new favorite authors. His ability to intertwine stories with clear calls to fervent action is inspiring. Best of all, he shares God’s love on just about every page. He casts a vision for a life well lived, and anyone that desires to live this kind of life will find their path clear before them after reading. 

This book is entertaining, motivational, and eye brow raising ridiculous all wrapped into one. Give it a read if you are looking for a glimpse of God’s love that is simple: Love people. Love everybody. Always.

You can pick it up on Amazon here