Celebrating our Favorite Moments from the Office and Enjoying the Simple Things in Life

Sometimes it is so good just to laugh and appreciate and enjoy the time we have. We laugh like no other at The Office and it is by far our favorite show. Most likely you have seen it or least seen a few episodes and can relate here. 

We discuss each and every one of these unforgettable moments in detail. We love this show and we hope you decide to watch it too.

Without further ado here are our:

Top 25 moments from The Office. 

  1. Jim and Pam’s entire love story Arch. Lets just lump this into one big one because it was amazing. True love at its finest.
  2. Belshnickel anyone?
  3. Jim Dressing up as Dwight- Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica… MICHAEL!
  4. When Michael Yelled “I Declare Bankruptcy!!
  5. The Garden Party book that Jim wrote for Dwight
  6. Prison Mike talking about Dementors flying around the prison
  7. Dwights Phone Interview where stripped and then was applauded for saving the company
  8. Michael driving into the Lake because he was listening to his GPS
  9. Asian Jim
  10. Jim faking his own Murder in Florida, YES!!!
  11. Dwight becoming his own assistant to the assistant
  12. The dundies
  13. When creed steps on the bus playing hookie
  14. When michael says “I’m trying to help you, you stupid bag! And whilst smiling)
  15. WHen Michael returned to be the best man for Dwights wedding, best scene ever!
  16. Gutenprahnk #1 (or 2 lol) the bazooka
  17. When Daryl gets really drunk and falls backward onto the table
  18. Jim and Dwight becoming best friends after all
  19. When Pam finally speaks her heart at the beach and walks across the coals
  20. When Jim finally asks Pam out when getting back from that interview
  21. When Jim came back and hugged Pam and you just feel all of the pain they had been going through. All of it came crashing down to whether or not Pam would hug back… And then she did and you feel for them both. 
  22. Threat level midnight!
  23. Scranton What, the electric city!
  24. And honestly the satisfying way it ends. No other series comes close to how this one ended. Arcs wrapped up, and it just made sense. There was no better series for this reason alone.
  25. We can save this for last, and maybe even add in a quick song for it (that we would sing yah babe!) but the time on the farm where Dwight asks to court Esther

Thanks for listening guys! Now go get Netflix and check out The Office!

-Jordan and Miranda