On this episode of Freedom-Cast Miranda and I had the great pleasure of interviewing our trainer from CG. The one, the only, Ciara Delgado!

We talked all things CG, Personal Branding, and how to put yourself out there.

Ciara is the CEO of Stag Human Performance which does in person and online personal training, and also sponsors athletes range from body building to endurance athletes.

Ciara is a workaholic and is ALWAYS working and trying to get out there. She is her own business card, and does everything she can do to get out there.

Her words of wisdom are to never say “no” to any opportunity. It shows that you care about your community and are willing to work it. Everything can lead to something else.

She is good at managing her time and shares some techniques at how to do so.

London Trip

We got to hear more about Ciara’s trip to London and about the conference she spoke at. Really cool experience over all and definitely worth listening to. She spoke about gender identity in sport through several years of research shares how it all plays out. Very interesting stuff that we hadn’t come across before.

I failed to secure free tickets to London, but I will keep trying for sure 😉

Goals for the future

We discuss goals in general and Ciara shares some of her goals for the future as well. STAG is going to be partnering with Fitmatch which is basically the Uber for fitness trainers. Super cool and it seems like the way of the future. It will work for trainers as well as anyone that might want ta trainer to come by the home or the office.

About Faith

We asked Ciara about faith and what role it plays in her life and career. We talked about why people might not want to bring it up and why we are glad we are able to discuss it on this show.

This is some good stuff, and I hope you decide to listen in at the 26 minute mark. We get deep and really talk about the issues. I love what we talked about and how faith can give us confidence in that God has us taken care of. Faith is comforting in that we can trust the ultimate plan.

It can take a while to get there, and everyone is on their own journey, but if you are looking to get a little bit more out of life, God is the answer you are searching for.

We had a great time talking with Ciara and we think you are going to love this episode.

Thanks for reading and make sure to listen to the end!

-Jordan and Miranda