This episode of Freedom-Cast is probably our most practical yet. It’s also one of our shortest episodes as we were trying to be productive with the time we had. See what I did there? 😉

Know one really wants more to do, but we are here to give you 10 ways to increase productivity in your life in at least one place. We all want to be able to give you concrete ways to be more productive in your life.

  1. Limit TV time: TV can take up so much of your time, and the time spent can’t get away from you. Take an honest look and an honest account of how much time you are choosing to spend watching TV. 
  2. White boards: We love white boards! We use this one (Aff. Link because I need to put bread on the table! ;)) and we love it!
  3. Weekly meetings: We did a whole episode on this back in Episode 5 of this Podcast, so we didn’t go into it, but we can’t recommend enough that you should get start this process if you haven’t already. 
  4. Reading different books: Learn more about the world and ultimately yourself. 
  5. Having creative time: Make sure you take the time to either do art, sew, paint, write, create, whatever. It doesn’t really matter how you create, but making something out of nothing can be great. This needs to be something you enjoy or that you are learning from. 
  6. Walks: Super important for productivity. Even a brief 5-10 walk can make a huge difference in your mental state. 
  7. Goal setting: You need to see where you are going to get there. 
  8. Incentivizing: This means to give yourself a reward if you accomplish your goals. 
  9. Do it right now: Taking action right now can be the difference between meeting your goals and failing to achieve them. We always think we will be more apt to do it tomorrow, but is this true? No, we can often want to put things off that are better off getting done now. If something isn’t getting done, it isn’t a priority for you, it isn’t because you are busy. Being busy is a facade. Take action now, and get things done. 
  10. Accountability: Get an accountability partner or group to keep you focused on your goals. 

Thanks for listening dear friend,

-Jordan and Miranda