Thanks for joining us in this special holiday episode of Freedom-Cast.

We are going to be talking about Gratitude and what that means during the holiday season. Happy that you chose to listen.

Thanksgiving Episode: How to practice gratitude during the holidays

  1. What is gratitude?
  2. Why is it a good idea to be thankful?
  3. Giving to others, and why it is so important to give back, money and time.

Ways to practice gratitude:

  1. Smile
  2. Be Mindful of watching negative content online or on TV.
  3. Pay it Forward- Buy someone’s coffee or donut
  4. Who to start with? Family, friends, co-workers. Who is one person that you can make a difference for right now?
  5. Volunteer
  6. Complement family members instead of trying to bug them or get even.
  7. Meditation, prayer, and focusing your thoughts on others
  8. Call your parents or grandparents. Whenever I call my Grandma I know it makes her day because I hear so from many other members of my family.
  9. Start a gratitude journal. Get your thoughts out there on paper to help you reflect on how good you really do have it.
  10. Share positive or funny memes on facebook instead of more negative political thoughts.

What are we thankful for?

  1. Thankful that we have a trust in Jesus Christ that defies any worldly problems
  2. The move and transition from Hawthorn and our jobs now.
    1. The apartment and everything in the apartment that we are thankful for
  3. We are thankful for each other
  4. Life group and Life Fellowship
  5. The little things

Thanks for listening to your favorite Podcast over the holiday season. We wish you the very best.

-Jordan and Miranda