Miranda: How did we get introduced to this kind of living?

Jordan: Defining minimalism: a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity

Giving stuff away/move:

  • The benefits
  • It can bring joy to someone else
  • Living simply with the things that you do love, instead of being surrounded by junk.
  • \We only have purchased two pieces of furniture in the 5 years we have been together. One of them is this standing desk.

Marie Kondo and the life changing magic of tidying up

Why having less is just so much easier:

  • Clean up
  • Not much weighing you down
  • Easy to move: We had to move several times and it got easier every time.

It makes you appreciate what you do have even more:

  • It truly does bring more value to what you have when you only have one item of that type. I love my jacket, my vest, etc. because I don’t have a backup haha.

It makes more financial sense to live minimally:

  • Most of our furniture we didn’t buy
  • Not as much overhead
  • No car loans currently by driving one old car
  • Mindful purchasing: It is a lot harder to feel good about buying new things. We always have to ask if the item would take up a lot of space or would really be needed
  • We literally can’t get robbed. Well not really, but any robber that broke into our home would be sad. He could nab the xbox and the tv and some wooden spoons. DON’T TAKE THE WOODEN SPOONS DUDE ANYTHING BUT THAT HAHAHA

Thanks for listening and for stopping by! 🙂

-Jordan & Miranda