Welcome Freedom-Casters!

Today on this 18th episode of Freeom-Cast we brought on an extra special guest, Jenny Moates!

She just recently finished writing a book called “50 Coffees” and we wanted to chat with her about her accomplishment. I recently even wrote a review for that book because I liked it so much and you can read that here.

Go and buy it and write a review for her!! Just do it. Please? 🙂

Like some of our other guests we did indeed meet her at Camp Gladiator and we chat about how cool it is (but always nerve racking) to meet new people.

Detailed in her book, Jenny embarked on a personal mission to have 50 coffees with 50 strangers in order to grow her business, but also to push herself.

We loved hearing about her journey and couldn’t wait to share this episode with you.


We asked Jenny the following questions, give the episode a listen to get to know her a little bit better! 🙂

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you know us-
    1. What do you like to do for fun?
    2. Any cool hobbies you have?
  2. You just recently wrote a book- lets talk about that (I think anyone that writes a book get’s extra cool points ;))
    1. What is the book about and;
    2. What prompted you to write it? What was the goal of writing the book?
    3. What was the experience like and how did it come together?
    4. Did you ever want to give up?
    5. Are you going to continue to write?
    6. How can people support you with the book’s success?
  3. What do you do for a living?
    1. Do you enjoy it?
    2. Can you tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started and how it is going? (I think this is what you do for a living? Wasn’t 100% sure if it is then this subquestion won’t matter haha ;))
  4. You once told me that you and your husband moved to Charlotte and kind of started over like Miranda and I did, can you talk a little bit about that?
  5. What role does faith play in your life?
  6. What is one piece of advice you can give our listeners to get a little bit more out of life?
  7. Where can people find you to get more information about you, your business, or your book?

Thanks for listening!

-Jordan & Miranda