We mainly want to talk about the power of change in your life. Change isn’t something we should be afraid of: it’s something we should wring in the new year with.

As we talked about in our previous episode, we are all about traditions and enjoying the nostalgic feeling of doing some familiar, but we also believe that change is important and necessary for growth.

Change is good because:

  1. Breeds awareness, and awareness breeds growth. The more you become aware of your surroundings, your situation, your strengths, weakness, etc. the more you can grow. Doing something new does this.
  2. Can help you get unstuck. Some people are so confused in thinking that they can’t change. They are locked into the idea that their lot in life is fixed.
  3. Is exciting: When we moved down south it was so exciting and life changing to do something so new and risky. When we quit our jobs it was risky as well.
  4. It helps you appreciate our brevity on this world, and also how small we are. Not as a negative concept, but we should be seeking to improve upon our life’s mission NOW as opposed to later.
  5. Small changes have life changing effects. Starting that snowball effect of greater purpose and growth.
  6. You start to appreciate even more what you have.
  7. Your core beliefs and viewpoints are challenged. This is good. You need to be challenged. Step out in faith and try something new.
  8. God wants you to. I believe wholeheartedly that God wants us to grow into our full potential. Of course he wants us to do our best to avoid sin, but I think he cares exponentially more about the good we can accomplish. We are not called to live lives of quiet acceptance, we are called to be bold lions for Christ. We are called to the front lines, and this involves challenging things.
  9. Change helps us to be more understanding of others. It gives us a deeper capacity for empathy because we are not stuck in our own little world.

My article on 21 Actionable ideas to embrace change and flourish can be found here.

Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in for more in the new year. New guests, new stories, and encouraging content as always.

Stay weird friends,

-Jordan and Miranda