Good day Freedom-Casters!

Today we have Stevie Storck with us on our show. Stevie’s family is longtime family friends with Miranda’s family.

She may have grown up on a farm, but now she is running her own business at Stevie Storck Design Co. How did she go from Dairy farmer to a master of interior design?

Give this episode a listen and hear her incredible story for yourself.

Topics discussed include:

  • Stevie always knew she was going to be an entrepreneur. From Junior year of college on she had her vision and decided she wasn’t going to go with the normal way of things. She then decided it was now or never and took the leap into her own design company.
  • Stevie shares that because she and her husband were willing to make financial sacrifices, they were able to make it work by limiting spending, and prioritizing what was important. They focused on doing the things that they knew would move them forward toward their goals.
  • Why Learning how to build relationships was key to her success in her business.
  • How she overcame the challenge of moving back home to York County from going to college in Pittsburgh and how she made it work in that middle of nowhere environment.
  • How she once walked into a store and asked for a job, and GOT it! Mad respect Stevie!
  • No one ones what they are doing with their jobs. You just need to fake it until you make it. Have the attitude that you are going to do whatever it takes to learn the ropes and find success.
  • The more work she has put in to her business, the more clarity she has found.
  • She plans to make an eCourse on interior design in the first quarter of this year. We can’t wait to try it out!
  • Stevie starts out her mornings with a bullet journal. What a cool idea of a way to start her day out and figure out the day’s priorities.
  • Her best piece of advice is to just get out there are start. The best learning and experience you can get is just starting out and figuring things out. Commit to learning as you go.

You can find Stevie here for all of your design needs. Don’t live in PA? No problem she does eDesign too! Contact her for all of your interior design needs.

Thanks for listening, and thanks so much to Stevie for coming on. We loved interviewing you and we learned a lot!

-Jordan and Miranda