We are pleased to welcome Amy Skinner on our show. She is an accomplished world traveler and she works for Google. She is super cool, and had some amazing insights for us.

Sit back, grab a cup of jo, and give this one a listen.

Here are some of the highlights from this show:

  • Amy is from Pittsburgh and loves it! She works for Google doing digital marketing, sales, and operations for Google shopping and loves that too.
  • Why is Pittsburgh the best place to live? Well, its the greatest place on earth and everyone should visit. Its a blue collar town, people are hard working, and it has great culture. And the people are just great in general. I, Jordan, hope to visit sometime soon.
  • We talked a lot about the Primanti Bros Sandwich and How I just have to try one someday… Doesn’t that just look Amazing?

  • Amy took a recent trip to South Korea to visit an oldtime friend. She got to see Seoul and got to tour the city. She has been wanting to go and visit for awhile now, and decided that it was time to go see it for herself! We think it was super cool that she decided to go someplace new and foreign to her to get that new experience.
  • Amy works for Google and she talks about how she fell into the job, and how much she enjoys working for them. While she does have a barista at work that makes her a coffee everyday, she enjoys the work she does as well and not just the environment. However, it seems pretty awesome to work at Google and we are certainly jealous!
  • She also recently went to India for work, presented at a conference in Germany. She plans to do even more travelling as well.
  • Amy’s Piece of advice is to step outside of your comfort zone. Try something new and take on risks and challenges.

Thanks for listening and thanks again to Amy for coming on our show! 🙂

-Jordan and Miranda