This week on Freedom-Cast we had the honor and pleasure of speaking with Jason Clark who is a local singer, songwriter, speaker, storyteller, and author.

He has written several books including Untamed, Prone to Love, and God is (not) in control. He was also the lead singer for the band called Fringe and has two albums out; Surrendered & Untamed (2006) and Heavens Crush (2013).

You can find out more about Jason on his site here:

To say we were blessed to have him on this show would be a massive understatement. Jason has a huge heart for God and for people as evidenced by his thoughts and ideas. We are so happy to have you listening here.

We talked about:

  • Jason’s ministry called A Family Story that he and his wife created.
  • Jason spoke about his writing and how that all started and more about his books.
  • We learned his view on God’s sovereignty and how he wrestles and understands the subject. He tells a story of an interaction with a woman who had questions. We were enraptured during the show, and we are sure you will enjoy it as well.
  • His most important goals are getting the kids to their internships and getting his wife coffee everyday. Simple, yet super important too.
  • God once asked him “Can you live in such a way that you won’t be surprised by heaven?” A discussion followed about how God is love and how we can learn to live that out.
  • He wants to continue to write and create and plans to keep going.
  • Jason talks about insecurity and fear and how he overcame those obstacles and got to where he is today.
  • What get’s Jason fired up? Seeing others fired up for Jesus and discovering how to live from God’s pleasure. Fantastic answer.

Thanks for listening friend and best wishes for you as you go forward,

-Jordan and Miranda

PS: You can see the amazing trailer for Jason’s book below: