Greetings Freedom-Caster,

On this, the 30th episode of Freedom-Cast we wanted to have a little fun. Since Miranda and I both very much “Marvel Nerds” we decided we would dedicate this episode to all things MCU.

We loved Black Panther, and we cannot wait for Infinity war… Here are some of the highlights from this episode:

  • Why we love epic series like Star Wars and LOTR but why the MCU has done something totally unprecedented.
  • Miranda’s favorite is Black Panther and Jordan’s favorite movie is Dr. Strange. We talked in depth about how we came to these conclusions and why it’s so hard to choose!
  • Here is my list of All 17 Marvel MCU Films Ranked From Bottom to Top on Medium. I don’t have Black Panther on this list, but it would probably be 5 or 6, but hard to say for sure.
  • How Robert Downey JR was the start of things for the MCU and he has played a huge role in the series.
  • Spoiler alert for Wonder Woman (Hint, we didn’t like it ;))
  • Also note that Infinity War is now coming out on April 27th! and not May 4th like we had talked about and what was originally the plan.

Thanks for listening guys!