Welcome to Freedom-Cast Leaving Normal Behind! We are happy to have you here.

Miranda and I love talking about communication and how we can improve with each other, but also with others as well. In order to live life a little bit differently, we need to be better at relating to other people.

Some of the content comes from a 3-week seminar our Pastor Bobby did recently called “WedTalks.” This podcast is our thoughts on the matter, and how it relates to all relationships and not just marriages.

We really delve into communication and how we can learn to communicate better with our spouses, family, friend, etc. Some of the topics we discussed were:

  • The 5 different levels of communication
  • How to learn to ask the right questions to talk with people on a deeper level
  • “Great communicators are great listeners!”
  • How to be relateable when talking, and understanding what the other person needs
  • Go out of your way to compliment people and be real with people
  • Meet people where they’re at. Learn about people and figure out how to relate to them.
  • Miranda’s history with being really good at “communicating” with me to get me to do things.
  • We again talked about the book How to Win Friends and Influence People and shared that you should definitely get it now if you’ve never read it.

Thanks for listening guys!

-Jordan and Miranda