Greetings Freedom-Casters!

A guest has landed! Kaela is a good friend of ours that has a really cool story. And her last name is savage? Enough said right!?

We talked with Kaela about:

  • Her journey towards reaching her big goals.
  • Adjusting with the night shift and how she has acclimated to that change.
  • Pushing yourself to do what you know is good for you and for your health.
  • Her move from Michigan and the big change that was for her.
  • We talked about Whirley Ball! You have probbly never heard of it (we hadn’t) but Kaela loves it and wants to bring it to Charlotte! You can see it in action here:
  • We then talked about long term goals and why they are so important.
  • Favorite books and favorite movies, good topics! 🙂

Thanks for listening!

-Jordan and Miranda