We all love it.

Now let’s talk about it a little bit.

Miranda and I get real in this episode, and highlight our struggle with food for pretty much forever. We also talk about what we are going to be doing about it. If our modus operandi is going to continue to be to live a little differently, we can’t continue to ignore the elephant in the room of our bad eating habits.

We do talk about the whole 30 book quite a bit so here is the book for reference:

Some of the highlights from the episode:

  • We are very good at being active, but unfortunately, very bad at eating right! We talk about how its been an uphill battle for us to change our eating habits, and how it’s on us to change even if the culture makes it difficult.
  • Our emotional relationship with food and how it can cloud our judgement of the foods we eat.
  • Our plan as it stands right now to go one month of dairy free, one month of dairy free + gluten free, and then going through the whole 30.
  • Why we are doing it and the idea behind the shift of thinking, more than the shift in diet. It’s more about our relationship with the food than changing our diet.
  • How we hope to grow in this area as we have found it lagging behind other changes in our lives!
  • Take the next step and do the best you can with anything new you are going to try.

Hope you enjoyed listening and be sure to have a good one!

-Jordan and Miranda