We talk all about side hustles here today on Freedom-Cast. Miranda interviews Jordan on his thoughts on side hustles whilst Miranda cracks jokes at his expense.

Sounds like a fun podcast huh?

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What side hustles are and what it means to hustle on the side.
  • How side hustles are not restricted to merely online activities, but extend to wooden duck making or driving for Uber or Lyft.
  • We again mention the book The Gig Economy and how it defined our perspective on side hustles, freelancing, and diversifying your income and skills. This book was incredible in sharing how the economy is changing and how skills are now gold.
  • How it’s a low risk way to try out what passions and interests you might have.
  • Tips to deciding and then starting on your side hustle.
  • As promised here is Nick Loper’s Website on side hustles here at Side Hustle Nation.
  • We talk about how Udemy and how you can put courses on their website for people to learn from you. Here are our courses for example (and you can get each for only 10 bucks:
  • We share a bunch of ideas such as affiliate marketing, Air BnB, Merch By Amazon, etc.
  • Here is Miranda’s site where she has her t-shirts listed.

Thanks for listening friends!

-Jordan and Miranda