Greetings Freedom-Caster!

This week we are starting a 4 part series on change! Woot woot!

This first week will be us telling our story of change and what it has done for our life. Then the following three weeks will be interviews featuring people that have recently gone through change.

We can’t wait to kickstart this series and share some of the empowering and life changing benefits of trying something new.

In the last 3 years we’ve:

  • Changed jobs 3 times
  • Moved 4 times
  • Done something different for Christmas every year
  • Changed Diets completely
  • Finally found a workout routine we could stick with
  • Changed churches 2 times
  • Changed grocery stores 4 times but mostly Harris Teeter
  • Read over a hundred different books between us,
  • And More!

What are the benefits we’ve gained from so much change?

  1. Growth
  2. Self-Awareness (we talked about an incredible book called “Bluefishing” and how author Steve Simms says to remove the word failure from vocabulary, and to know that you’re just learning how not to do something)
  3. Malleability
  4. Bravery
  5. Slows Time Down

Tell-Tale Signs you need some change in your life to shake things up:

  1. Each days seems like a repeat of the day before
  2. You aren’t learning anything new at your job
  3. You use the phrase “stuck in a rut” in your everyday vernacular

Downsides to Change:

  1. Hard to build community
  2. Financial instability
  3. Harder time feeling satisfied staying still
  4. Never change just to run away from something instead of confronting it

How can you apply change to your life:

  1. Tall/Small change – Part hair different side of head, try a new vegetable, use different bathroom stall at work
  2. Grande/Medium change – New haircut, start dance class, swap wardrobes
  3. Venti/Large change – Change jobs, move to a new state, change relationship status, get rid of car.

Big Shoutout to Kat and Christian Eggleston over at for getting us some amazing headshots.

You can see these below,

Thanks again to them, and have a wonderful rest of your day!

-Jordan and Miranda