On this second week on the Power of Change Series on Freedom-Cast we spoke with Miranda’s older sister Lindsey. We get to know Lindsey a little bit better and listen as she shared some amazing tips and tricks on handling and embracing change with the ups and downs in her own life.

Lindsey recently quit her job and retired from the public education stratosphere. The very interesting difference in her change is that education is a major passion of hers. We get to find out why she moved away from her passion to pursue family priorities.

You’ll notice a recurring theme in this series about embracing and seeking change as the best way to prepare for life’s difficult challengers and this episode starts us off with a big bang!

We really enjoyed having her on and learning from her 🙂

We talked about:

  • Lindsey’s trials with her son Jacob and all of the challenges she faced with him
  • How she decided that family was top priority and decided to move away from her passion of education to be there for her family
  • Her friend gave her the advice that she wouldn’t look back and be regretful of spending more time with her family. This really stuck with her and reassured her that she was making the right choice
  • She always knew she was going to be a teacher so this choice was even more difficult
  • Change will always include a measure of fear, but it can also be extremely exciting
  • Secure the framework before the change by being smart with money and even checking in with a financial adviser if necessary
  • Lindsey is heavily involved in Mary Kay and enjoys doing it as an awesome side hustle and maintaining the professional side to her life
  • Being prayerful and trusting in God helped her to make the change and work towards whatever the future may hold
  • To connect with Lindsey more and for a little treat check out her Mary Kay site here

Winnie the Pooh picture below, so dark and creepy right!? Miranda is frightened to see it…

That being said we will see ya next week with James and Alaina and episode 42! 🙂


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