We dig into the power of change yet again with two new guests here on Freedom-Cast. James and Alaina are going to share some of their own recent life changes with James’s new teaching job, a move coming up, and their newlywed status.

We really enjoyed the conversation and getting the change to delve a little deeper. Everyone has a really cool life story to share, and this podcast episode is no exception to that rule.

We spoke to them about:

  • James’ search to find work with people and not paper.
  • How our time is limited and we need to spend it wisely: focused on people and how we can be pouring into others.
  • If you embrace change it can work for you and not against you. Embrace, lean in, and run towards.
  • James has learned the power of ushering in the power of the Holy Spirit every single day after he was able to start fresh.
  • Learning to be intentional about their married lives has been an insightful journey for them both. They have shown wisdom early on by being proactive and not reactive with life.
  • James shares his thoughts on being faithful in the workplace. His thoughts struck me as a profound as you can tell he has thought a lot about this and has worked towards it.
  • Bring your A-Game if you want to add credibility to what you say and do
  • A note on change- make sure your boat is close to the dock before you jump
  • It’s okay to find yourself in a season of “no changes for me right now!” but put an end date on that season. Don’t stay stuck in place.
  • Alaina lives a weird and amazing life by not caring what people think, she is gunna be weird and oh well if people don’t like it. Surround yourself with people who embrace who you are. And yes, she learned how to use a unicycle one day just because. Don’t set a limit on yourself, ever!
  • Choose joy and enjoy the moment.

Thanks for listening and following along friends,

-Jordan and Miranda

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