Today on Freedom-Cast we have Miranda’s good friend Bri on the show to talk more about change. From Peanut butter sandwiches and near death experiences at the Greenhouse, Bri shares some good stories here.

Bri has been through a lot of changes with recently graduating, moving to a new town, getting her crazy dog Jazzy, and trying to find her dream job.

On this episode we talk about:

  1. Bri’s move to a new place, on her own, and her bold choice to start fresh.
  2. How she faced down her anxiety by just going for it and working through it. She worked to put herself out there and meet new people as often as she can.
  3. The gray bin story… Lot’s of crazy stuff happening at the greenhouses haha
  4. We talked about some tips to overcome the fear of change and what Bri did to embrace the newness.
  5. Just go for it, make the commitment and just do it!
  6. Bri’s mission and passion to bring in locally grown foods and give back to the community.
  7. The secret to a weird and amazing life: Embrace the crazy. Life can be boring without it.

Thanks for listening and stay toasty friend!

-Jordan and Miranda

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