It’s been a year working from home… Wow! We can’t believe it.

In this episode of Freedom-Cast Miranda interviews Jordan to talk about the past year and how things have been for him this past year.

If you have ever wanted to work from home don’t miss this one!

We talk about:

  • Jordan’s past work and how he went from working at a grocery store to working full time online
  • How to stay disciplined and keep the right focus when working from home and many different things can attract and keep our attention. How Jordan learned to focus on the right stuff.
  • Work your strengths and figure out what time you are best able to get stuff done. Make it work for you and take advice on this subject with a grain of salt.
  • The battle of the morning person vs. the night owl and how it works for us.
  • What Jordan is doing right now: A skill he learned from reading The Self-Discipline Blueprint by Patrick Edblad about figuring out your core competencies. How to choose your top 3 major focuses and plan to work on this each and every day.
  • Our goals and what we have learned as we are reaching towards them.
  • Working towards the future with side hustles and building stuff on the side, but how to balance and figure out how best to fit everything in.
  • Jordan misses nothing about having a traditional job, seriously.
  • Of course, we talk about Trello, the most amazing app on the planet.

Thanks for listening and best of luck to you!

-Jordan and Miranda

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