Once again, we are back and celebrating the launch of Volcanic Momentum by talking about the Energy Code and how to master it for your life.

Go here to get more information on the book and to get a copy.

Here are the first 6 ENERGY CODE levels that we discuss. We talk about how you can apply each of these in your life with fun tidbits all along the way.

  1. I Need Energy Right NOW! Energy Code Level 1: Start with the Basics. Eat Healthy
  2. I Still Need Energy: Energy Code Level 2: Get enough Sleep
  3. My Energy is increasing: Energy Code Level 3: Stay Digitally Organized
  4. Feeling Slightly More Energized: Energy Code Level 4: Get Organized in Real Life. Go here for our podcast the covers this subject in depth!
  5. I am Feeling Alive Again: Energy Code Level 5: Trim the Fat and Cut Out Unnecessary Tasks
  6. I think I have Energy Now? Maybe? Energy Code Level 6: Line up Goals with Your Core Values (Hint: Remember those Destiny Goals?

Thanks for listening!

-Jordan and Miranda

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