Welcome to the 8th and final episode in our series on Momentum. This one is our best yet.

We bring the journey to a close with a full circle discussion on why “leaving normal behind” is so important!

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SO why leave normal behind?:

  • What’s wrong with normal? We don’t want to live a normal life. It’s about intentionality and moving towards a life well lived.
  • We just want to help people and desire for everyone to live a life beyond what they think is possible. Everyone has unlimited potential and leaving normal behind can help you get there.
  • Break the mold, live the life you were destined to live.
  • How amazing life actually is. Why we need to remember the magic of just being alive!
  • The importance of lifting other people up and being happy when others are successful.
  • The abundance mindset and knowing that just because someone else out there is successful it doesn’t mean you cant find success too.

Thanks for listening!

-Jordan and Miranda

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