On this Episode we talk with Rob and Kristie from Archangel Ink. Rob Archangel is the CEO and Kristie is the publishing coordinator/email whiz that keeps things going for the company.

The theme of this episode was definitely serendipity in the fact that we happened to meet and now I currently do work for them.

Rob and Kristie tell their story of how Archangel Ink got its start and how I got connected with them. I was pleasantly surprised by all of their kind words towards me which I very much appreciated, thanks again guys!

We got to hear more about their history and about what Archangel Ink does. Definitely check them out if you are interested in self-publishing or if you just want to learn a little bit more about them.

Valuable lessons from this podcast include:

  1. Don’t expect results right away but do get out there. You never know what could happen if you reach out and start to make connections. Don’t be afraid to reach out.
  2. Lots of times in life things just work out, as long as you put the time and the hard work in.
  3. Provide value for people at all costs, and it will come back full circle. It may take awhile, but what goes around comes around.
  4. Build a foundation and keep working hard and be in it for the long haul.
  5. Find your bliss and hold on to it!

Thanks again to Rob and Kristie for coming on the show, we loved having you and had a great time chatting.

And thanks to you for listening.

-Jordan and Miranda