Hello and Welcome to Freedom Cast: Leaving Normal Behind. On this episode we chat with Chris and Megan Johnson who happen to be good friends of ours. They recently moved down to Charlotte, only about 20 minutes away from us.

This episode is about Chris and Megan and how they met, and also more about them as a couple. It was fun to interview them and hear more about their story.

Megan met Chris and just KNEW right away that she was going to marry him. Love at first site here! She told him this right away and Chris wasn’t scared away. Really cool story Megan, but wow that is a lot of confidence! haha. 🙂

They ended up getting married in Cancun for less than the price of most weddings here on native soil. We both were lucky enough to go to this wedding and we enjoyed it very much. Great idea to have a destination wedding and save money. I never would have thought that that would happen!

After getting married they decided that they wanted an adventure and to try something new. Moving without jobs to a brand new place is daring, but they did it anyways. They prayed before hand and wanted to make sure that it was in God’s plan for them. Even though they weren’t 100% sure that they wanted to move and needed to move, they decided to trust in God’s will and just go for it.

We then went on to talk to Chris about Camp Gladiator. Its an outdoor boot camp type workout that Miranda and I do (Chris roped us in). They actually reached out to him and pulled him and the rest is history! He is enjoying the work and excited to grow. The great thing for him is that the more people that he has come to his camps, the more he can make as a trainer. He loves that he will get the chance to travel and do a bunch of different things with the company.

So if you want to get a fun workout in, you should definitely try them out.

Chris and Megan suggest that for anyone that wants to make a change to not be complacent. If you find yourself in a routine it might be time to check yourself and get outside of your comfort zone. Your goals should not be in your comfort zone. Dream big and challenge yourself! Fake it till you make it! haha

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Hope you enjoyed this episode guys, stay tuned for more!

-Jordan and Miranda