Welcome to episode #7 of Freedom-Cast.

Strap on your boots ladies and gentlemen, we get real today.

Miranda and I decided to give our two cents and chat about the recent controversial subject of the NFL players Kneeling during the National Anthem.

It is not our intention during this episode to take sides, but instead to remind people that this cannot and should not divide us. That being said, it does come across pretty clear where I stand on the whole issue, so please don’t be too upset by that haha. We are all entitled to our opinion, but lets make sure to always respect each other. Miranda did a good job of staying neutral, but that isn’t my strong suit so that’s how it is.

We do realize that there is SO much to this issue. In no way is this podcast an attempt to capture everything. We talk about what we believe is the important aspect most missed, in that we cannot let these types of issues divide us. We must learn to be so strong in our beliefs that my best friend can kneel and I stand and we can remain friends.

Just because you and I believe it, that doesn’t mean that Fred (name made up because I like the name Fred) should believe it too. We have lost this somewhere along the line and we believe we need to get it back.

Throughout this episode we talk about the importance of having an open mind and being respectful of other people’s beliefs. We believe strongly that we should be able to talk about these issues openly without losing friends over it. Is this an issue worth losing a friend over? No, because most of us, if we were honest, didn’t care about this particular issue until this week. Right? Yep.

The highlight of the day, Alejandro Villanueva from the Steelers. He chose to come out on his own and stand for the flag. Way to go man, way to stand up for your beliefs even when no one else is with you.

Once again, We are not the most “in the know” people around when it comes to news and current events, and this is purposeful. Getting too involved in the news and letting it effect you isn’t good. However, we readily admit that remaining ignorant isn’t acceptable either. Maybe there is a good middle ground?

At the end of the day (see what I did there?) we to remember to always be respectful, but also not be afraid to share our thoughts.

Thanks for listening everybody!

-Jordan and Miranda