Welcome to another episode of Freedom-Cast: Leaving Normal Behind.

This week we are interviewing Kelly Holtman, a mom and wife first and foremost with a dash of entrepreneur on the side. For hobbies, she loves the play tennis and practice Yoga. Of utmost importance to her is her Family and keeping them on the right track by making healthy snacks and foods readily available.

She is a firm believer in the product Juice Plus and encourages people to get more fruits and veggies into their diets. We all know that we don’t eat enough healthy foods, but Kelly enlightened us that the nutrient density in foods has been diminishing over the past few decades and you need to eat more than ever to get the same amount of nutrients.


That is where Juice Plus comes in because it provides the nutrients of up to 30 fruits, vegetables, and grains. You can find more out about that on her website right here. The picture below shares what it entails:

Kelly is also interested in at home gardening. She even shares her success with a product called a Tower Garden. I’ve never heard of this either! Super cool to learn these different kind of things that people do.

She is very passionate about healthy eating in general but it wasn’t always that way. Kelly shares how her habits weren’t great until later on in life, about 4 years ago to this date. She realized she needed a switch when her daughter would get sick all the time. She ended up going to a chiropractor for the sinus and ear infections. She was desperate and was willing to try anything to help.

She was amazed when things took a turn for the better. I love this, because it shows how awesome natural remedies can be in the right context.

She recognizes that she needs to lead by example when it comes to healthy living and making appropriate choices. She knows she isn’t perfect but wants to instill good decision making in her children by getting them involved in the growing process and her other healthy habits.

Kelly shared that the best piece of advice she can give is to not feel like you have to settle and that if you have a desire for something more you should go for it, because what do you have to lose?

If you would like to learn more about Juice Plus or the Tower Garden you can contact Kelly at KellyHoltman1@gmail.com. Connect and feel free to ask her any more questions.

Thanks for listening!

-Jordan and Miranda