We start with Miranda’s Story up until college”

-Family – middle child – justine had to go through tests to hang out with ashlynn and i -Lazzier faire parenting style but we were all good kids, dinners together -Picky eater, shy -Old soul – turn off spongebob, SIMS -Dad state parks – the corrs -Gatchellville – cornfields,small traditional church -Outdoors -Home videos -Love chocolate – ice cream for lunch

Next we discuss Jordan’s Story up until college

-Grew up in Maine -Never skied -Enjoyed school -Went on a missions trip in high school to Ecuador. Definitely one my defining moments -Played video games and played airsoft. I spent all my money that I earned at Future Foods on airsoft guns.

Jordan and Miranda’s story

-Where did we meet – bonding over frisbee -College -McBic and Mechanicsburg – good foundation of marriage -Cold Winters -Worked as a Program Director and Chemist among other things What did we do with our time?
-I got into website stuff and found my passion and Jordan found enlightenment -Getting to NC with Hawthorn

We end by discussing why we are a little bit weird, and why you might be interested in listening to what we have to day.